Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


It is silence within oneself  that needs to be developed. 


Automatically you become richer and richer. But very  few people take out time for silence as they are so busy working for their security, working for money, and working for others. They  are not able to see that they need not do anything. 


Just being happy within themselves is the final attainment and that solves everything. So what we need to share is not our love,  not our seva, not our money, but only our happiness. 


You will start realising this ‘happiness as abundance’ by doing nothing. And that is the real offering. Happiness need not be offered. It simply transmits itself like a fragrance, without the flower doing anything.  The surrounding air will transmit the fragrance by itself.


This is our main purpose in life, to experience this inner happiness within our self and be centered in this ‘Inner Happiness’, will  create a booming economy around us. This is to be developed and the best place to do so is in India. 


The  rest of  the world  will follow  automatically.