Guru Poornima is the day when the disciple remembers

the tremendous grace, which he has received from his Guru. Fortunate are the people who have a Satguru, the one person in their life whom they have totally surrendered to.

Total surrender means that no questions are asked, you just live with a Guru’s aagya (message). That doesn’t mean we do not discuss things. The Guru is always open to have healthy discussions. But finally it is his word, his say and his direction. Only blessed people have Satgurus in their life.

People are concerned that the Satguru has so many disciples. But the Satguru is unaffected by who or how many are his disciples. It is in the interest of the disciple to surrender to the Guru, for it builds the disciple’s humbleness.

You may talk about surrender to the whole world, or surrender to Sun God, Moon God, Wind God etc. but they are all far away from you. You need to surrender to one living Guru. You may ask, ‘What is the need of a living Satguru?’ but know that it is of utmost importance to have a living Satguru, because only when he is present will he give you a lot of kicks. It is these kicks, which are the most important process of learning.

When we surrender to Agni, or Vayu, or other Gods, you have surrendered but there is no one to kick you. You may often say that I have got that guiding force, and the Guru is within me. In a way it is true but most often, it is a mind game, which is playing tricks and you feel a Guru is with you.

In a Master disciple relationship, the kicks, the firing, the scolding, which are the most important aspect of our growth, our development are present. It is the one way in which the disciple is continuously on the path of learning. If in spite of all these kicks if the disciple can still surrender then he is tremendously humble. It is important for us to learn this, because in surrendering is a meeting with God.

This happened to me 15 years back when I met Poojya Guruji for the first time, when I was initiated by him to the process of an inner quest. Since that day I have totally surrendered to him and gone by his directions. As a result of this I find myself extremely free and relaxed.

I remember the time I participated in the Teachers Training Program. The whole place was about 45º C, extremely hot, we were boiling, inside as well as outside and Guruji was in one room. He did not come out from that room for 21 days. On the first two days we were so happy just to know that he was there. But every day we awaited his darshan.

On the 3rd day we meditated together and then he did not open his eyes after 15 minutes, nor after an hour, nor after 2 hours or after 4 hours. We got tired and left the room. A group of people who had arrived for satsang thought that by singing devotional songs they could wake up Guruji. They sang for an hour, offered their respects (namaskar), and left.

But Poojya Guruji continued meditating, meditating and meditating. Many hours passed. The next day we waited to see if he had come out of meditation. But he did not come out; he did not come out on the 4th day, 6th day and continued up to the 18th day. On the 18th day it poured. It had poured after such a long spell of heat, that all of us, my wife Nina and myself were overjoyed and danced in the rain. It had been so hot that the walls were literally boiling, so we all danced on and on.

Then we looked and found that Guruji was sitting inside very, very quietly. He called us and said, “Do you see the tree, did you see it yesterday? Yesterday, it was absolutely dry. And now you see it, within a few hours of rain it is fully green. With just a few hours of rain it is fully green.”

We did not understand his message on that day. Only later, we understood his message that, “Life is like that, it will have its ups and downs, it will have its highs and lows, its hot and cold waves but it is for us to accept life, just the way it is, and just enjoy the process. Enjoy it just as it is. That was the message.

The whole message of TTC, in fact the whole message of SSY, that of acceptance was given so simply by Guruji, with a live demonstration. In that heat his whole body was bitten by ants, but he was so much at ease that we were amazed. His way of teaching is more experiential than a mere training of empty words. There after by many, many experiences we have learnt from Poojya Guruji and are learning each time we are in his presence.

It’s a blessing to be with a Satguru. My sincere wish is that every one finds their Satguru.

You can find your Satguru when you are open, when you are willing to surrender. When you stop using the mind and open your heart, the Satguru is in front of you.