Why People Run After Money? 


Condensed From Talks by – Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji. 


Shudras think that money will get them  security. 


Vaishyas think that money gives them opportunity to explore more  areas  of  service. 


Kshatriyas think that money will give them power to influence opinion. 


Brahmanas think that there is enough  money  always. 


Some people think that money will trap them and so give it up as a Sadhana to be free. 


Freedom is what everyone wants. 


Different people perceive that Freedom is gained by doing certain things. As long as you believe that some things will give freedom, then you go after them. 


Until you are fully satisfied within, in silence and see everything is Okay, you will continue to do something. A person who is willing to take greater risks, will first take to gambling (mainly in the stock market). Then they will stake in a business venture and take loans at  high  interest.  


Still higher ones will bet for leadership in the community and stake   their  all.  


Actually nothing needs to be done  to  be  free.  


The secret of Silence is not known to most people. Once this secret is known,  then  life  becomes  a  play.  


The enlightened, ‘No-body,’ can then take up big things that even kings will not dare.  


They are concerned about the welfare of all and can collect any amount of money and leave it for the job to be done without any attachment.