By Joe Vitale from the Book ‘At Zero


It’s not the people; it’s not the person. It’s the program.  –  Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len 


“How could a child have limiting beliefs already?” 

The question arose because Dr. Hew Len’s daughter had a skin disease, and when he met Mornah, she helped heal the child. 


“But how did the child get the disease in the first place? Aren’t they innocent?” 


We come Into life with programming. The science of epigenetics confirms that what our great – grandparents did often appears in the DNA of a child today. We don’t come into this world a blank slate. We aren’t  a whiteboard with nothing written on it. We come with programming and then download more from our parents and others, as well as from the culture we live in. 


I told my friend that a person working in my Miracles Coaching program lost her twins just days after birth. The mother felt guilty, wondering what she did wrong. The doctor said she did nothing wrong. This wasn’t her fault. 

In another case, a famous bodybuilder I know had a heart attack. 

My friend understood. “If that’s true, then we have a lot of cleaning to do,”  he summed up. And that’s the point of Ho’ oponopono. There’s so much data to clean that we may virtually never stop. 


Dr. Hew Len went walking in downtown Austin during one of our events together. He said good morning to a stranger at a bus stop. There wasn’t a reply. Dr. Hew Len said he was instantly angry. He wanted a friendly hello. This shows you how much clearing we have to do. Dr. Hew Len has been practicing for more than 25 years, yet a stranger’s snub offended him. 


Keep cleaning. 


Most of what you need to clean is unconscious. It’s your programming. I have it too. I’ve been cleaning for years now, which has led to breakthroughs and moments of oneness with the Divine. But I’m not done. Neither are you. If you’re reading this, you have more work to do. That’s not a judgment  of you or me. We’re human. We inherited programs. No one is to blame. But we have the responsibility to clean up the world by clearing ourselves. 


However they arrived, the four phrases are here to stay. Thousands are now repeating them to heal themselves of a long list of complaints.  

But why do the phrases work? 


That’s even harder to say. It could simply be belief. The placebo is powerful. Coupled with the famous story of Dr. Hew Len and the hospital ward he helped close, the phrases become easy to believe as having magical powers.