By Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar


Guruji Enlightens Us On…


To answer this question one has to know Indian Heritage. There are other heritages, like America’s  Heritage.


One who inherits and stands for  that  heritage  owns  that  heritage.


A true Indian is the inheritor and representative  of  India’s  Heritage.


Just what is so special about this Indian Heritage? I have lived in several countries for many years  and observed the specialties of  their Heritages. American heritage is about exploration and freedom   of the human spirit. Religious freedom is an important corner-stone of its foundation and it brought a rush of free thinkers to American  soil.


Thinkers like Einstein and Solzhenitsyn continue to be protected  in  America.

India is not just a mass of geo-graphical boundaries, it is a spirit    of searching for the ultimate Truth. People from all over the world who seek Enlightenment flock to India and  its  Heritage.


The Spirit of India is the openness  to receive. It says “Let noble thoughts reach us from everywhere”. India is open     to knowledge and readily welcomes all thoughts, religions and gives refuge to the persecuted like  the Jews, the Zarathustrians  and the  Dalai  Lama.


Knowledge has no limits, it is vast like the sky.  Truth cannot be limited and limited to one person or one book. It is beyond right and wrong that is decided by    a particular age or circumstance. It includes all, it is unfathomable and   is  called  Brahman.


Brahmagyan is the ultimate Gyan  or knowledge. It is beyond thought.  It  is  an experience. 


This attainment of Truth allows us  to see everything with equanimity – gold and iron, a saint and a prostitute, a humble hut and a palace, winning and losing – all become equal to the Brahmagyani. “Everything is OK” is his lifestyle  and  peace  is  his  rectitude.


This Heritage makes India special. This spirit allows Indians to search and exercise their intellect in all fields, it makes them intelligent.  The Indian Gayatri Mantra, prays ‘Let my Intellect expand’.  Just repeating it 108 times thrice a day is enough to make  you  super  intelligent.


People who believe in only one savior or one book as the only truth, become terrorists and impose their limited ‘truth’ on others. They campaign for their religion  and impose their truth on others even with violence, money, power and advertisement. By hook or crook! 


Ultimate power is knowledge.   India is the bastion of sustenance for the world at all times because of its openness to knowledge.  Its openness welcomes and nourishes.


Closed minds terrorize and invade in fear (like America and Bin Laden).


India calls all Truth seekers, it produces Buddhas and Gandhis of nonviolence and co-existence. India represents eternity and the ocean that leads all rivers of knowledge  home  to  rest.


People who come to India with  their one religion, their one truth, their one saviour, melt in this pot of openness. If India was not open, could Muslim or Christian missionaries enter India? Can Christians enter Saudi Arabia and open churches  anywhere? 


Salute  India  and  come  in.