By  – Poojya Guruji – Shree Rishi Prabhakarji   


A Guru is one who teaches you 

How to go from “doing to Non-doing” at will. 

It is not somebody who teaches some Vedanta. 


The one who opens up the world  

of Brahman (Freedom) is  a  Guru, 

He shows you how to experience your 

own “Inner  Divinity.” 


A Guru has attained his own “True Self” 

He has realised that, ‘He is Brahman.’ 


Everything is a part of Himself. 

The Guru is beyond Duality,  

in Samadhi. 

He is not bound by good or bad. 

He has conquered likes  

and dislikes.  


Guru is Absolute.  

Guru is Para-Brahma. 

Guru has absolute control  

over everything. 

Over nature also.