Which will it be? To Control everything or to be Aware of everything   Self-Control requires Strength & Will Power . Self-Awareness requires Alertness and Sensitivity.

Think about this:

Controlling your child, is it possible ?

Controlling your wife, is it possible ?

Controlling nature, is it possible ?

Controlling the weather, is it possible ?

Controlling the body, is it possible ?

Controlling any relationship, is it possible?

Control is no solution to any problem of life; it is just a defense mechanism against any irresistible situation.

It is very simple, if you have a sense of non-dependency, You are already in freedom. You have no bondage toward anything. You are already empowered   .  You are not dependent on any external situation, event or person for your happiness.  Happiness is your true nature.

When you are the Master of your senses, you have tapped your true nature- which is Being Happy for No Reason!

By increasing your SELF-AWARENESS and by steadily increasing your Levels of CONSCIOUSNESS  you will enrich your inward journey of Health, Wealth and Relationships.

You will experience your true intrinsic nature of Pure Inner Happiness!! So just always remember….. Self-Control will drain your energy. Self-Awareness will enhance your energy. Self control is BONDAGE  Self Awareness is FREEDOM.

Blessings from the universe are showering on you to reach heights of Self-Awareness,

Facilitator : Manoj J Lekhi

Disciple of Pujya Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji Author, Educationist, Inspirational Speaker, Guide in Spiritual Principles & Human Values, Coach in Human Potential Development.

Manojji is an inspirational expert, teacher and author in multiple areas – child development, education, consciousness, management and leadership development.

He specializes in the ‘inside out’ approach to life which is about transforming oneself within and thereby experiencing abundance inside and out.

He has developed several workshops and programs which apply the ancient Rishi culture and Wisdom to down-to-earth practical challenges of the modern world in the areas of Health, Wealth and Relationships.

Manojji has authored several books including one on enlightened Parenting – “Your Child is Your Parent” and one on creating prosperity – “Money Wealth and Abundance”.

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