Article from the book ‘Are You A SuperLeader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).


Have you ever seen Sachin Tendulkar playing cricket? Why is he considered as one of the greatest batsmen the world ever had? Have you ever heard Pandit Jasrajji or Pandit Maniprasadji or Shree Ravi Juleji singing? Why are they considered some of the best in the world?


For instance, let us take Sachin Tendulkar or Don Bradman. They have almost perfected every stroke in the cricket book. Right from the upper cut to the square cut, from cover drive to off drive, straight drive, on drive, flick, hook, what not.

They have mastered all the strokes in this sport. Their range of shots, covers the entire field. Which is the reason why they are considered as two of the greatest players in the history of cricket.


Take for example, Pandit Jasrajji or Whitney Houston. They have mastered the total range of music. They can sing all three octaves and have a tremendous range of voice notes. These are the so-called successful people, in the world – in the outside world. Now we can understand that, the wider the range you have in music, cricket or any other field, the greater is your achievement.


Once, I met a lady, who would complain that it was very cold when the temperature was below 22 degrees centigrade. She would also complain that it was very hot if it was above 26 degrees centigrade. After speaking to her I realized that

her degree or ‘range of happiness’ was only 4 degrees.


It is the same in the inner world. The greater the range we have, the greater we will expand our horizons, the greater we will grow and the greater we will experience the joy of life. Our question to you is – What’s your range of happiness?


During my Teachers Training Course we were at a place in Ahobilam in Andhra Pradesh, where it was 48 degrees centigrade. There I learnt how to also be fi ne even in such severe heat. Recently, when I went to Canada, it was -30 degrees

centigrade. I was at ease with that temperature also. And I was really enjoying, the moment of me being present there.


So, my range of happiness extended from -30 to +48. Now the chance of me being disappointed or being in the complaint mode is very low. In this area I have raised my range of happiness in connection with the weather. Likewise, you too can increase your range of happiness in several areas.


Food and Travel

Let’s take food as an example. Most people complain – ‘This food is not nice’. If one is a Gujarati, he will not like continental food. If the person is an American, he may not like Gujarati food. Same way some people don’t like Western food and some people living there may not like Indian food. Some people are fussy and always complain – ‘I don’t like these vegetables or I don’t like curries’.


Just think, if you are able to like every type of food, and you eat every type of food like prasad, you have increased your range of happiness tremendously. If you are happy about all types of food, you are free to travel all around the world and

will be a very happy person perennially.


When we Indians travel abroad, we are so worried that we may not get the food we like and we imprison ourselves because of this fear. The wider range of food we can enjoy, the happier we will be in any situation. In fact even if we don’t get any food, we can still be very happy. Which shows that our range of happiness has increased tremendously. 


Material Wealth

It can be gadgets, or vehicles or houses. If we are complaining that a particular gadget is not functioning properly or this vehicle is not working smoothly and this house is not good, we limit ourselves and we will feel constrained because we have not mastered the art of enjoying whatever is in front of us. We are in the zone of complaints and once again we restrict ourselves, feel constricted and limit our enjoyment.


If we are able to just be in tremendous gratitude for what we have, we widen our range, of happiness. In other words, the more okay we are with the way things are, the happier we will be. 


The more in gratitude we are for the things we have, the happier we will be. If we increase our range of happiness or the range of okayness, we will be happier.



Most of us always feel comfortable, only with a few selective people like our parents, or our spouse, child or with a few friends.


While working in the office too, we have a set of people whom we are comfortable with. Therefore we experience limited joy. If we want to increase our joy, let us increase our comfort with the range of people around us. Let us learn to be with anyone and everyone, around us.


Be it the beggar, the postman, the taxi driver or anyone around us. If we are able to build wonderful relationships with whomsoever we meet, whenever we meet, in whatever circumstances, we will be very joyous people. We have increased our range of happiness in relationships. In other words, the more open we are to the next moment, the more open we are to changes, the happier we will be. 


A Super Leader always tries to increase his/her range of happiness every moment. He/She is an explorer of life and is always experimenting with new ideas and avenues. He/She is always expressing his/her creativity.


Life is a journey into the unknown. Unknown is an adventure. Adventure gives us thrill. When we don’t know what’s going to happen with the next ball in cricket, we are thrilled. 


When we don’t know what’s happening in the next moment, we experience the thrill. This is life. Let us increase our level of okayness. Let us increase our level of gratitude. And finally, we will automatically increase our range of happiness. All this happens naturally, when we start meditating three times a day initially and then convert it to a 24 hour phenomenon.


A Super Leader mindfully works on his/her inner self and simultaneously encourages his/her team to do the same. By setting an example, he/she inspires all, to inch out of their comfort zone, explore their potential, expand their horizons, tap into their creativity and thus increase their range of happiness leading to effortless success in achieving their common vision.