Guruji Guides us on: What is Culture? – Part I 

Condensed from talks by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji

When you say this person is more cultured than that person, what does it mean? 


What is culture?  

There is jungle culture. What  is jungle culture? Its called survival of the fittest, simply the more powerful one will eat the smaller one. It is called jungle, where the more powerful will harass  the  lower  ones. 

In a cultured place, one who is more capable, who is more intelligent, he will make sure that other people below him are also able to survive and be happy, that  is  culture. 

If a woman is working on the street, to protect her will be culture. To attack her is non-culture. 

Shudras are always interested in themselves. They are not interested in others. To overcome this animal instinct and culture yourself to higher and higher states that is what is civilization  and  progress. 

How does Culturing Begin? This culturing starts with being satisfied inside. That starts with silence. A mind which is disturbed; a gadbad, gadbad will always create problems  for  others.  

Categories of People in Society:  

A Leader will always think about the other person first.  A leader always thinks about the interest of the other person. 

A Vaishya thinks about his interest and the other person’s interest, both. If you want to have friends you must think of the other person first. If you want to have business transactions you think of his interest and your interest. Then you will have business transactions. If you want to have friends you think about the other person first. What you can do for the other person? 

Only a Shudra is bored, a leader is never bored because he has so many people to go and be with. Wherever the leader goes he will bring Vaibhava to the place. His presence itself will make that place come up. He will give something to that place; he will not go empty handed. You have to  start  living  this  way. 

It is not possible to learn about leadership by simply reading a book. Nobody becomes an entrepreneur by reading a book on entrepreneurship. You have to have a Guru, who lives that way. We require thousands of Gurus. We require thousands of Gurus of second and third category. (The first Guru is one who did SSY and was transformed and inspired you. He brought you to the second Guru who taught you. The third Guru is  one  who  cultures  you.) 

All of you got your M.Sc., B.Sc. Whatever degrees; just to look after yourself, never to serve somebody else. They only taught you Shudra education. They never taught you how to make friends in your university. This is possible only by having Sangha with the Guru. It is not possible simply by coming one day, listening, laughing ha ha and go home and do the same Shudra  behaviour.   


Leader’s Culturing 

A Vaishya is interested in everything. A Leader, a Kshtriya is much more interested, he will go and find out what he can bring from other places not just materials, what kind of culture, what kind of training, what kind of people he can bring.  

A Vaishya will only trade but a Kshatriya will bring people, he will bring a Guru. When Alexander was leaving on his mission of conquest to Asia,  Aristotle told him: ‘Don’t make this a Vijaya Yatra just to conquer people, make this a Dharma Yatra, you give what is valuable to others. Bring back what is valuable that you can from other  countries  to  here’.  

‘When you go to India’ he said, ‘you please bring back four things. One is: water of the Ganga, secondly, you please bring the text book of Ramayam and thirdly of Mahabharat, and bring one Brahma Gyani from India’. You too should become like that. 

Shudra Behaviour 

Most of you are stuck up in jobs like a Shudra. Like a Shudra is stuck up in the job. You have no freedom. You are all uneducated, only animals. You work like a donkey, you are like a donkey and life is such a big burden for you.  

Don’t work like a donkey, you must work happily. You must not work with a lot of tiresomeness. You must learn every  day.  

Most of you are only interested in your bank account. And that bank account with inflation it becomes less and less. You will never bring about a great change in the world; you will never increase agricultural production ten times more in the world. You will never do research, you will read newspaper, you will never read any scientific journals, you will never improve yourself. 

You spend all your time watching garbage TV serials.  You are bored; life is a bore for you. You go and switch on TV. Everyone who is watching TV is a fool. You can watch TV for 5 to 10 minutes, going on eating all kinds of potato chips and going on taking Coca cola and going on watching. All fools do it. To brain wash all these fools they go on putting advertisements of coco cola. Don’t watch TV; don’t spend more than 5 minutes to read the newspaper. Whatever very important articles are there you just mark it and cut it out. Don’t waste your time.   


Valuable Growth Patterns 

Improve your love account rather than your bank account. Everyday you must get a new friend. You must be able to reinforce the old friendship. You must be able to get closer to the people  who are with you. You must wonder what you can do, for your neighbour? What you can do for your friends, what you can do for your corporation that is employing you then you will have no time to watch TV. 

  Importance of Sangha 

  Change your sangha. Don’t remain a fool and donkey. I also know what is happening. It does not require more than 3 minutes to read the newspaper to know all the khachra/ junk that is going on. Learn to share you can use the same newspaper for 5-10 houses then you don’t have to buy. So much of paper is wasted in the world. Now we will teach you how to live a shared life, not a isolated life. 

  You can still have the paper but not pay so much for it. If you share the cost will dramatically come down. We will teach you how with one hundreth of your cost you can get the same benefit. You want to learn? There is no necessity for your car, motorcycle, all that is a waste. So many  expenses because you have not learned how to share. 

  Most of you women spend more than 6 to 8 hours in a day only cooking and washing the dishes, cooking and washing the dishes, cooking and washing the dishes. What is a housewife? A dish washer! Instead of saying: ‘I am a dish washing woman’, you say, ‘I am a housewife’. What is your main occupation? Dish washing. All B.Sc. M.Sc. are wasted in only washing dishes. 


Improve Your Love Account 

Do you want to improve your love account or bank account? But you don’t know how to increase your love account. You don’t have the required education, if you want you start from today. Do you want this education or you want to remain a dish washer. This university also costs something to setup, it will not come  free. 

What is the cost for an engineering class? Per year they charge Rs.60,000 for one year in Karnataka. They charge Rs.60,000 other than donation. You also want to learn something different better than engineering? Want to learn or not, or become a dish washer? Some people don’t have the energy to even raise their hands, they simply sit not wanting to even sit up, and they don’t want put their hand up, they are so lazy.