What are the sadhanas that will help you? First let go everything and be in zero. Meditation is very important process to vanquish all the karmas and start  something  new. 

Meditation is not simply about  being in zero but being in a wonderful state. Just apply your  intellect  and shift  over, you are in a different state altogether.  

This ability to shift will become easier and easier as you meditate and you are able to go into zero. And you let go, forget about the past, forget about the present and you just ‘Look Forward’ to whatever you  want. Not worried about the future, the past, or worried  about  the  present.

Being in the present will at the most give you peace, but ‘Looking Forward’ to something nice will give back your life to be wonderful. 

Being in the present, being in peace is just a low state of being,  that is the first state. Most philosophers have not gone beyond living in the present. The entire philosophy of the world is only -being in the present. Even that they cannot accomplish because it  is all intellectual, not experiential reality  like  Samadhi  Dhyan.  

You may read Eckhart’s, ‘The  Power of Now’, for one thousand years  and I can guarantee you, you will  not be any better. Unless you learn how to meditate, shifts will not be seen. But even if you mediate for thousand years it is of no good, until you apply your intellect.

Whether you see a God or a demon in the next person, is what makes the difference between you experiencing heaven  or hell. 

Applying your intellect: seeing the next person as God is very uplifting and it will change many things. First of all your feelings  and  your experience  of  the  world  will  shift. 

Most people negate the experience of the world. They only think that Karmanye Vadhikaraste… is    in silence.  Most  people  suffer because they cannot enjoy the world. So the best they can do is: negate the world. Don’t negate the  world,  enjoy  the world. 

Shift how you look at other people. Shift from seeing  them as your enemy to seeing them as your friend! It all starts   with you, no matter  what  the  condition  is.

In an AMC, Advanced Meditation Course where everybody is a ‘Nobody’*, it is very easy to turn all these separations. The hatred, animosity, jealously will all disappear and you start to experience others as Gods. *(Not being bound by role  identities,  like  doctor etc).

Participating in AMC is  a very good exercise to continuously experience  other  people  as  Gods. To add to it, if, you use your intellect after this experience to affirm,  that you are in a state of zero, and that you see people as Gods, your life will be wonderful – a joy,  an  exhilaration! Whatever you do will  be  joyful. 

The world will no longer trouble you. The world is a beautiful place, but meditation plus AMC is required  to  experience and live  a  wonderful  life. 

Most people don’t know how love  is generated! But you, just through ‘being a Nobody’, can know and  live it. First learn to be a ‘Nobody’, with your eyes closed, and then   you can keep your eyes open and  be a Nobody. Then you will continuously  be  generating  love  in  the  world. Until this stage you will always be resisting, working only  for your existence. Once the love account starts accumulating, you will have the courage to share whatever  you  have. Life opens  into  Universality.