Vision, Beliefs, Organizing & Time Management (VBOTM)!

Enhancing Productivity Effortlessly!

Enhancing Productivity


Top challenges faced by most of the company Heads or Owners are Setting Clear Goals And Expectations, getting proper Reports from subordinates, long meetings but no decisions, passing the buck, last moment urgent and important task, and many more. These challenges become a bug hurdle in progress of the company.

These issues can be resolved if the whole team works in a unified manner” under the direction of the owner of the company. VBOTM is a training programme where this happens very joyfully & effortlessly based on well laid systems and a compassionate follow-up.

Our Promise to you: 

  • We guarantee that the statement ‘ I FORGOT ‘ & ‘ I don’t have time’ will disappear from your vocabulary.
  • Your employees will take complete responsibility for all the work delegated to them.
  • The entire organization will work in a synchronized manner and will also be in sync with the company’s vision.

What is VBOTM!

Key Highlights of the Workshop

Learn the ‘Art of Delegation’.


A Reporting system that works.

Ensure ‘Application’.

What is covered in this Programme:

  • Organizing & Planning.
  • Time Management.
  • How to conduct meetings.
  • Recording Minutes of meetings.
  • The different types of meetings.
  • The use of Six Thinking Hats.
  • The use of monthly planner.
  • The use of Mind Mapping.
  • Identifying time wasters.
  • Using the voice recorder.
  • Using Mind Manager.
  • Using technology to enhance productivity.
  • Setting weekly, monthly & yearly goals.
  • Being in touch with the policies of the Company.

How to Build A Super Duper Team?

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About the Facilitator

Manoj J Lekhi

Manoj J. Lekhi is a key disciple of Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji, a truth-seeker at heart and a friend, philosopher, and guide to thousands.


He has created breakthroughs in the area of Health, Wealth and Relationships for scores of people across the globe over the last 25 years.

Glimpse of the Workshops Conducted

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