Vairagya Leads to Abundance

Excerpts from the book ‘Money Wealth Abundance’ by Manoj J Lekhi.

Vairagya (detachment) is the key to feeling like a king and living life king size on an empty wallet. What does this mean? This means that when you are not attached to money, money flows towards you!


When you are not attached to money, you are eligible to handle money. When you are not attached to money, whatever you have, you feel like a king; so, you attract money because you feel like a king. All kings live in abundance. It is some sort of a paradox!


The obvious question which comes up is, ‘If I am not attached to money, then I don’t require money. YES, IT’S TRUE! But that is when money flows in! This is what my master has taught me: Live in vairagya and aim for abundance!

The more you work inwards towards detachment (vairagya), and then aim for and have goals and visions of abundance for everyone, the more money will flow to you. You will also have the opportunity and the luxury to enjoy the money which you have created for everyone.


People love to give their money to someone who is not a hoarder. People love to give their money to someone who is not attached to it. People love to give their money to someone they know would put it to the best use; to someone they know is serving everyone. This way, you become a channel of lots and lots of money, but you are not holding it stationary.


You are like a bamboo that creates music by way of the money flowing through you! The principle of vairagya is what all the saints have taught, be it Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna or Mahavir. Every one of them has preached thus: The more you are detached, the happier you will be. How true! When you are already happy, money does not have any effect on your happiness; money becomes powerless in changing your state of mind. When we use the word vairagya, it means detachment in all areas of life – not just in the case of money, but in other areas, too!


Start with the body, the detachment of the body: after all, we are here in this journey of life for a limited amount of period. Why get so attached to this transient life, to something that is going to last only for some time? By knowing and realizing this truth, we can be free from this body.

First, you master the body, which is the gross element, and the easiest to become aware of because we are connected with it.


The next level of vairagya is towards your thoughts. Having a firm hold on your thoughts is very important. Is your thought positive or negative? All negativity brings you into the zone of ‘it’s not possible.’ All negativity becomes blocks and chokes up the channel for the inflow of money. Whereas all negativity brings you into the zone of ‘it’s not possible’, all positivity takes you into the zone of the paradigm, ‘anything is possible’! If you want money to flow in, live in ‘anything is possible’!


So, whenever you get a negative thought, you have to catch it, become aware of it and transform it into a positive one. This requires tremendous awareness, and awareness leads to detachment.


Normally, we feel that thought is our reality, which is not true. We are actually separate from the thought. Therefore, watching movies with violence will affect your thoughts and take you towards negativity. Similarly, listening to music that is very disturbing, such as hard rock or the so-called item songs etc. will lead to negative thoughts which will, in turn, lead to the blocking of the flow of money. So, beware of what you watch and listen to – the movies, the music you hear and TV serials you see. The BREAKING NEWS normally BREAKS you down and makes you plunge to levels of low energy.

The next step is to get a hold on your feelings or emotions. Thoughts and emotions are interconnected. When a child is born, he first cries and expresses himself, that is, his emotions; so, having a firm grip on your emotions is very important. So, you need to have control over your emotions; when you get a bill, what feeling do you get? Is it “Oh, my God”? Then it is a low feeling; then you need to transform. If it’s a wonderful feeling that you get, then you are in the right direction.


Having control over your feelings is very important: What is your feeling when you incur some loss? What is your feeling when someone doesn’t pay you what he owes you? What is your feeling when people cheat you? What is your feeling when people don’t pay you on time? What is your feeling when any loss is incurred due to business/profession or any other reason? If the feeling is negative, which it normally is, and if you are able to take hold of it, and then transform it, then you are on your way to attracting money.


The better you feel, the more you attract. Your feeling is the most important aspect in the Law of Attraction. So, be aware of the feelings you go through when anything related to money is involved. Change that feeling and miracles will happen: this is vairagya. This is vairagya in terms of feeling. Being detached from the ‘negative’ feeling and turning it around into a neutral or positive feeling is vairagya in action.’


Vairagya finds application in all the areas of life. It is applicable to social obligations also. The very word ‘obligation’ is negative.

Most of our time, our energy, is wasted on trying to please others. We go to marriages, birthday parties, naming ceremonies and death ceremonies just to please others, just to show others that ‘I am a good person of the society.’ More important than going and spending energy is the gesture of being silent and sending your vibrations of love, compassion, empathy and thankfulness to them. That has much more energy than physically going and showing that you have come but where your internal talk has altogether different vibrations.


I am not saying “Don’t cover your social obligation.” I am saying “Focus on creating what you want by being silent and magnetizing it. You may yet go to the social get-togethers out of love and because of really wanting to be there, but don’t go just to show that you have come, like going to your boss’s daughter’s wedding party because he is your boss. If it is your heart that really takes you there, it is perfectly okay! Be detached from the thousands of social engagements. It will give you lots and lots of time to attract what you really want in life and to follow your heart.


The path of vairagya even applies to all the relationships, be it with your parents, spouse, child, friends or relatives. As Khalil Gibran implies, “You are not the owner of your child. You have just come here as a trustee of your child.” Don’t get too attached to your children, or to anyone else. Love them deeply, but be detached from them. Else, it takes away your creative energy, and makes you dependent on others.


In fact, feel the feeling of LOVE. Be with the feeling of love, rather than with the feeling of being loved by the person. That takes you to very high energy level where you are able to magnetize what you want, sitting in one place.


Be detached from all relationships. By practicing this, we learn to go within deeper and deeper into the greatest feeling of bliss. Likewise, vairagya applies to caste, creed, religion, country and the world at large, in all areas. Let’s not get stuck in ‘I am a Muslim, I am a Hindu, and I am a Christian etc.’; instead, say ‘I am a human being, a citizen, not of India, not of America, not of any country, for that matter, but of the world. I happen to be born in India/America, which is also wonderful.’


These divisions according to religion, country etc., are made just for the purpose and convenience of organisation and for helping things to work in a systematic way. Divisions are there just for practical purpose, and if you understand the purpose they serve, you will be free from the identity.


Vairagya from caste, creed and country will take you to greater levels and open you up to very high energy levels, which will bring forth lots of wealth. The more open you are, the more the inflow of money. The more detached you are, the more the inflow of money, and you will be among the richest people. If you want to attract money, work on detachment.