Universal Understandings

By Guruji


You don’t have to analyse and 

come to a conclusion that you are a ‘Nobody’.


 Whenever you are experiencing a problem, 

‘Somebodyness’ –  is present


 When you walk along as a ‘Nobody’ 

you don’t have a problem.


 Most of the people don’t expect anything from you 

But some expect – A lot from you. 

This is sansara (world)affecting you. 

So what to do? 


You separate yourself from the/IR company. 

Go to an AMC. Definite curve is three months Padyatra .

Very soon the other person realises 

the value of being ‘Nobody’.


They have a wonderful time. 

The more they are together; the more Love and Joy.

Being  ‘Somebody’ is poison, being ‘Nobody’ is Heaven.