Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


We need to keep in touch with them very frequently for all our programs, and through them different people will be initiated into a different way of looking at life. I am sure the world is very different. 


A few people give everybody a bad name. One bad son is enough to give a bad name to the whole generation, while a great person’s image brings much goodwill to the very name the image carries.


We are very fortunate to have people like Habibulla Sharif with us. And we hope our collective effort will start at a much higher level. I hope he will participate with us, not only to share with us the tenets of Islam but also ways of how we can work together. About how we can bring about a new consciousness, how we can bring about a society where there is peace, true Islam rather than mere people who call themselves Muslims. So let the real Islam spread everywhere.

It’s an invitation to all of us to be like this. We have understood that our neighbour is the most important person. He is our God, irrespective of which religion or faith he belongs to. 


Our concept ‘paraspar devo bhava’* is what will protect all   of us. So let us practice it and wake up to this new reality.   * Be Gods unto each other.  


We have slowed down on this process for some years now. We need to rejuvenate this connection in a much bigger way. And we require people like Habibulla  Sharif’s active participation. It cannot be one sided. There should also be participation from the other side, they should come and participate with others.


Let our senior teachers and Habibulla Sharif meet and discuss an action plan which we can adopt for this area. Our ties can get closer especially with the participation of women of both sides. I am sure there will be a great change in the psyche of the people. Such Sammelans must happen.


It has been said, ‘the only way you can hate a person is by not knowing the person.’


If you even make a small attempt to know the person, you cannot hate that person. You can hate a person only if you don’t care to know the person. We have not   seen that kind of active integration happen. I hope we will start this kind of active integration soon.


Today, it’s not important to have mere bookish knowledge of the Bhagawad Gita or Koran or the Bible. What is of real relevance, is how well we get along together.


We have now come to a stage where everybody in the world understands, and has seen the curse of ‘calling ourselves better than the other person.’ This has only resulted in great calamities.


Let all the Mosques, Temples, Churches beam the wisdom of peace, Ahimsa and friendship. 


Let no enmity, hatred or jihad ever emanate from these places, else they are not religious places, they are only political centers. Else we should not call them a temple or a mosque or a church. All of us, including the religious leaders, must realise that we must preach Ahimsa, friendship and togetherness, irrespective of any calamity. If religious leaders talk of hatred, of taking revenge, who will guide us? Who is to give solace?


So, let all of us awaken and give this message to ourselves and to everybody else, about the need to establish togetherness on this level. I want all our SSY teachers to be promoters of this togetherness, peace and Ahimsa, no matter what the situation is. If we don’t do this we can easily fall in the trap of those who are not wise, those who are politicians. Even a religious leader can fall into this trap. Let us be aware.


Let wisdom rule rather than emotions. Emotions like anger, once exhibited, do enough to destroy relationships, which have taken years to build.

It’s like the case of a beautiful glass, which takes years to make but only seconds to break. So let us concentrate on becoming very peaceful and loving people ourselves, as also on creating beautiful and loving people around us.


Let us learn to live by higher and higher truths every day, and partake of the wisdom of everyone around us. 


Let us accept and live by the wisdom of any book which is available to us, but let us not make the book the most important. Make our own understanding the most important.


The book, being important, will take away our wisdom. We must focus on our own wisdom and our understanding rather than misrepresentation of the books.


When truth is very important we can all get together, but when the book is very important none of us can get together.     So, let us now move towards Truth rather than the book.


And  what is  Truth? 

Whatever you understand as Truth and stand by, is the Truth. When you stand by Truth that itself will lead you to a higher Truth. 


Even if you are wrong but have dedicated yourself to Truth, you will know that you are going wrong and you will come back. 


But if you are interested in a book you don’t have a chance to come back. So, we understand the Bhagwat Gita, we understand the Bible and the Koran


But, let the books not divide us. Let our hearts unite us.