Just look around. The world has grown into a huge bubble of technology, where all have wholly and solely dedicated their lives to machines and electronics. It has become like the blood that flows through one’s body or like oxygen without which it is hard to live.


During one of my trips, I was wandering around and reviewing the amazing sights in the village – the streets, the houses and the lifestyle. Something caught my sight. Houses did not even have proper construction but what they still had was technology – television sets and cell phones. Even the poorest person carried a mobile with him. Today, one can communicate across the globe. It’s surprising but a reality that is very common now. It is hard to believe that these machines have actually become our lifeline, without which it is tough to exist. What technology has done to us is amazing. Every person seems to be captivated by it. Now, it is no more a luxury, but a necessity, like food, clothing and shelter. Every house owns a television set and various other gadgets. These provide all sorts of information, advertisements and so on that every single person is bombarded with and addicted to.


This overload of information that we take in from gadgets is one strong source that structures our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, mind-sets, perceptions of what is good or bad, what one should do or shouldn’t.


No doubt these machines and gadgets help us tremendously in multi-tasking and getting loads of information of our choice. One can now communicate across the globe instantly

via Whatsapp, video conferencing, etc. And connecting thus with people has given us much more than what we can imagine. But as we are aware, every coin has two sides and it

isn’t news that technology, television or phones have affected our lives. Its impact is seen on the young and old alike. With this debatable issue having two sides, people still neglect the

fl ip sides.


We are not aware of the bombardment happening 24×7 on our impressionable minds. For example, when it comes to television – the breaking news that we see, actually ‘breaks

down’ the person watching. Hundreds and thousands of news spread the negativity along with low vibrational messages to the ultimate consumers. We receive it and unknowingly,

make it a part of our memory. Our body is nothing but a collection of memories.


When a person tends to listen to a particular disturbing thing a large number of times, the memory gets stored in the first and the oldest brain called cerebellum. This is the reptilian brain which operates on auto-pilot. When we think about that disturbing incident, it produces a stress-related chemical called cortisol which in turn starts affecting the body. This is the fl ip side of television, mobile phone or any other gadget.


If we are not familiar with this phenomenon, it can have detrimental effects on our health. It may even lead to lifestyle diseases like Diabetes or may even cause life-threatening diseases like Cancer, if the thoughts are prolonged.



So what should one do?

We need to master the usage of technology. We must know how much to use or consume, when to watch and decide whether the content itself is essential or not. The influence of technology can be distracting. But when we remain in high awareness – of our inner self and the outer world – we can tune into technology and align with it, to use it for self-enhancement and growth.


There are multiple systems that we utilize to master this art of self-awareness and sensitivity. One such daily practice is what we call as LiYA 1 Hour.


This effective system is developed with the purpose that we spend one hour of our time every day – in a systematic, dedicated and disciplined way, with our ownselves and for our ownselves. We start our day with what interests us and what we love to do the most. We look within first, and then open ourselves up, to the outside world.


Personally, I too watch TV once in a while. Cricket is something I thoroughly enjoy watching but I mute the TV when advertisements slide in. Not that I dislike those advertisements but I choose not to watch them again and again and get my mind hammered with their philosophies. The information and the instructions the advertisers pass on through the ad fi lms, if seen again and again, impresses us into buying all that they advertise, as they get stored in our sub-conscious mind called cerebellum. Our thoughts and beliefs, have been formed and influenced through this electronic and technological media.


We may continue watching and using technology. It has its own advantages. But let us operate it with full awareness. Let us master it. Let us not become its slave. Let us not be consumed by it. Let us use it but not be used by it. After all it is we who have created it and brought it to our world.


Let us spend our time in being outdoors amidst nature than being glued to gadgets and machines all the time and for everything. Let our personal antenna choose only the information which we want to receive. Let us live in high selfawareness. Let us become more alert and aligned with it.


A Super Leader is tuned into technology, rather than being it’s slave. A Super Leader is super alert. A Super Leader knows how to balance technology and use it rather than being used by it.