The Success CUe!

Day 13


1. Write Your time wasters

2. Write In your THOUGHT PAD (Low vibration thoughts list)

3. Convert in Positive Affirmation

4. Transfer in Your Vision Book

1. Write down all PASSING YOUR BUCK

2. Write In your THOUGHT PAD (Low vibration thoughts list)

3. Convert in Positive Affirmation

4. Transfer in Your Vision Book

  1. I pen down all my creative and productive thoughts!
  2. I clear my Organizer every day. (in the Liya 1 hour)
  3. Clear the big Thought Pad.
  4. See all folders and clear unwanted garbage.
  5. Every day, I see my A, B, C, D Lists and plan “E” Lists  e. “To Do List”.(In the Liya 1 hour)


If you Delegate:

  1. I speak with my associates only with the Organizer.
  2. I specify the folder (A,B,C,D) where they need to write down the instructions, which may be given orally, by SMS or by phone
  3. I remind them to spend 1 hour the LIYA way daily!
  4. I ask them to write down in the Z Folder all that they want to communicate with me.
  5. After delegation I aIways ask them the question ‘What did you Understand?’

Fill the time wasters Form:

Download Time Wasters

LiYA One Min sms

Message No


10 mins Vision Book Reading , Writing & Refining

05 mins NOTES Take Print out & Reading & Revising

05 mins Go through your thought pad and review the TO DO list AND TRANSFER TO AB C D E &Z Lists

05 mins Make a Note of HOW YOU PASS THE BUCK

10 mins Make a Note of YOUR TIME WASTERS


05 Mins Speak to Your Buddy

10Mins Prepare your 1 Min SMS

Creative Visualization

(Lotus Gratitude) Yes/Will do

Segment Intending Yes/Will do

See Daily Videos (During Washroom 5 mins ) Yes/Will do

Daily Joy shops (30 mins Dinner time) Yes/Will do

Weekly Joy shops (Once a week) Yes/Will do

Scope Camps ( Once in 2 months). Yes/Will do

Buddies Role

  • To make sure buddies are together on time for the sessions
  • To encourage each one to follow the rules of the program
  • To encourage each other to do the Homeplay
  • To motivate each other to implement whatever they have learned during the session
  • To help each other in case there is some challenge.

Introspect To Uncover Your True Self!

Date – 20-Sep-22, Tuesday

Time – 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM India

Facilitator – DYL Team

Language – Hindi

Register in advance for easy access to Join the Zoom Meeting

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Meeting ID: 889 4722 2785
Passcode: 4725

Do You Know Yourself?

Are you confused about the Purpose of Life?
Do you feel disheartened or unsatisfied about yourself?
Do you really know yourself?

Know Yourself is a workshop where one dedicates one’s time for oneself, for the ‘inward journey’ in order to catch one’s thoughts, patterns, and beliefs.

To know more, please click on the link below:

Please note: You can login session only via one device (either laptop / Mobile/tablet)

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Overview of Session

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Power Of The Spoken Word

TODAY’S Mantra

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