The Success Cue! Day 16




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1. Take out your TO DO list

2. Go thru it for 30 seconds.

3. Scan and check the work which we want to do last (it is not comfortable, irritating. we keep on postponing).

4. How many items which you are postponing? (we want to do it last thing in the day.)

5. Do that work first.

6. Write in Vision book
“ Whatever I don’t like so much to do, I do it First. ( Eat The Frog) EAT THE FROG

The 80/20 rule says that every list of ten tasks should include two that are much more important than the others.  

1. Write down

a.Your Time Wasters


c. limiting Beliefs on Money

d. THOUGHT PAD (Low vibration thoughts list)

2. Convert all  the above in Positive Affirmation

3. Transfer in Your Vision Book

Change it to our most ideal value?

Put it in your vision book.

Eg. I have put the value of my 1 SECOND as 10000 crore.

How much Sale and Profit you want in next …
1 Month

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

  1. Take ACTION on Part 3 & 4

    Work on Removing the Blocks

  1. I pen down all my creative and productive thoughts!
  2. I clear my Organizer every day. (in the Liya 1 hour)
  3. Clear the big Thought Pad.
  4. See all folders and clear unwanted garbage.
  5. Every day, I see my A, B, C, D Lists and plan “E” Lists  e. “To Do List”.(In the Liya 1 hour)

If you Delegate:

  1. I speak with my associates only with the Organizer.
  2. I specify the folder (A,B,C,D) where they need to write down the instructions, which may be given orally, by SMS or by phone
  3. I remind them to spend 1 hour the LIYA way daily!
  4. I ask them to write down in the Z Folder all that they want to communicate with me.
  5. After delegation I aIways ask them the question ‘What did you Understand?’

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