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Topic – Dream your Dreams to REALITY!

A Musical Satsangh by Manoj ji

Time – 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM India

Language – Hindi

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Meeting ID: 810 1685 2356
Passcode: 8491

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LiYA one hour :

10 mins    VISION BOOK  READING ,Writing & Refining YES /WILL DO

10 mins Reading & Revising Notes      YES /WILL DO   

35 mins   SPEND TIME FOR PUTTING  PHOTOS in vision book at home with Family YES /WILL DO

05     mins Speak to Your Buddy YES /WILL DO

Buddies Role

  • To make sure buddies are together on time for the sessions
  • To encourage each one to follow the rules of the program
  • To encourage each other to do the Homeplay
  • To motivate each other to implement whatever they have learned during the session
  • To help each other in case there is some challenge.

Overview of Session

Session 3 Zoom Link

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Password: XTi#7YB6

The Importance of Pictures (Photos) for Visualisation

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Session handout

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Link for PDF:- Session 3 Handout


Request you to download the PDF

Link for PDF:- Sample Pictures for Reference

Rules of the program

Watch The Success Cue! Session 3

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