Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


We repeat and complete Guruji’s ‘Wisdom Statements’ from our last issue, for everyone’s benefit. We remind you of Guruji’s suggested method of reading these statements: “Read only one statement in 2  days.


Remember the statement you have  read at least 3 times a day.


Discuss how it applies in your life   and how you are using it in your life now. Write down your discoveries in  a diary at night each day.


You will discover greater and greater power  in your life day by day.


Once you have finished all these statements –  start again from the beginning.


Repeat this process after 3 months,    6 months and once a year after that.


This  is dedicated  to – You Being  Powerful”.


  1. Comfort in your life increases as you create  more and more people around you with Integrity and Truthfulness.
  2. Politicians are dedicated to the upliftment of a particular group. Saints are dedicated to Everyone.
  3. A complaining politician, professor, executive, worker,  student or mother is not doing his / her work.
  4. What sets the world right Is not complaining But Inspiring.
  5. If you see a devil in another, You are probably the devil.
  6. God’s are not going to come, You have to create them.
  7. The surest way to get what you want Is to be dedicated For that to be available to everyone.
  8. Advice works only on those Who are dedicated to be Gods. Advice cannot bring Dedication to be Gods.
  9. Only when you are a Nobody Do you have access to Christ, Mohammed, Or Rama.
  10. All your worship Is self destructive when  you are not a nobody.
  11. Demons are at war Humans are at work, God’s are at PLAY.
  12. World works On people’s commitments.
  13. Making people wrong, Makes then Self protective. Making people right, Opens them to truth.
  14. You are as perfect As The society in which you live.