Condensed from talks by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji.


Simple Science


When you stroll  across rocks, don’t stop, just jump to the next one. Speed will help just as a fast cycle race is easier than a slow one. To     go fast is easier than going slow.

Remember you can take a bigger jump, with a bigger vision than   what you usually handle. If you commit only to what you can do,  can you produce a better world? You will only rebuild an old world and  not a new one.

Taking challenges, taking on things, elevates you and requires a much bigger jump and    it also breaks egos. All of you blow up your vision; think big and ascend to a new state  of being.


Take certain actions every day. The amount of power each one of you have is fantastic; you can each become Rishi Prabhakar and better.

First think big. Be absolutely truthful, trust in God and give your best. Give everything to what  you stand for.

God’s Grace Flows

When you have exhausted everything you have, only then God’s grace comes. If you are capable of doing something, why should God arrive?


Play 100%, put in all your  energy, exhaust everything and still be committed and then receive  God’s grace.


Convince yourself, what you are standing for is absolutely needed. The power of commitment, dedication is not giving 20%! Get grace by giving 100% and when you are really satisfied, things work out  spontaneously, naturally.

Take on bigger tasks that you have never taken before with 100% commitment. Grow to a higher  state and create a much bigger vision. Most people want to be comfortable and they fail.

God’s grace comes at your next opportunity and gives you a  quantum jump. You need to take a very big vision. Having a small Sankalp (Vision) is not enough. But collective sankalp   is great, very tight, be so dedicated that it is a matter of life and death.


Take the example of a mountaineer going up in a group, if one  person slips, everyone falls. This togetherness is very important and develops a huge bond of love and  lasts lifelong.

Go for mountaineering; do not simply  go by car.


Life without adventure is a useless life. You remember all your adventures but not simple things. This is only a glimpse.  Jump in and experience it!