By Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakarji


Your ‘True Being’ is – really ‘Being Together’.


When you are not truly in your state of ‘True Being’, then you are not together. If you feel separate, then your being is not truthful. It Whenever you feel separate or try to separate others; it means you are not ‘Being’. You now have taken some sides about being right, or wrong or and about who is  important.


Your Interest Vs Truth


When YOUR interests are important, then you lose your Being. When truth is important then you gain   your being. Being a part of everything is your ‘True state of Being’. This you have to watch. When you are not truly ‘Being’ then problems emerge. When truth is  important, you  start going back  into your Being.

In truth, you cannot have division. If your truth is divisive, then it is not truth. You don’t fight for truth; you can only do tapasya to be in truth. If you fight for truth you are a  dangerous person.


If the other person is not in truth, it is  fine. Your state includes everyone and automatically paves a path for others. Even if the other feels he is excluded, you don’t do so.

Being in truth automatically brings other people also to see the truth. Every person has got his point of view; it’s perfectly all right. What is, another person’s dharma, from your point of view it seems to be adharma / non-righteous. But  the reality is: he is correct, you are also correct but are exactly opposite to each other.


Winning and Losing


Then who wins? The one who is able to see that the other person is also correct, he wins.


This requires a lot of development within and you have to find the other person is also correct. Then a passage is possible. When you are not together your work gets affected and maybe tarnished because  you are not together.

An interesting thing is that one person says this is right, the other person says that is correct. Both parties say the other is wrong.


In the context of right and wrong, ‘Vision’ is left aside and nothing happens. Vision is important; who is right is not important. Understanding and being  together is all there is.