Treasured Moments with Guruji

by Manoj J Lekhi.


The Master Teaches


Many people who have been with Gurujji would often comment:  “Oh… Guruji is speaking the same thing again and again.” Whether it was on five fundamental educations or the six levels of consciousness or any subject he would repeat it again and  again. 


In fact, he would repeat each topic many times over, maybe even fifty   or a hundred times, till he perfected the whole message.


Like myself, people who have been closely associated with him for   many years heard it again and again. Many got bored and would not turn up also next time if they knew he is talking on the same topics.


But for me it was very different. I would not hear the words of Guruji.  I would just receive the silence in between the words. I would enjoy the gaps between the words. I would hear the music which was created by the “silence” he had, the pauses he gave in-between words and sentences. I would just receive his “being” of him. I would under-stand the intention behind what he spoke. Many times the words were saying something else but he was meaning something else.


It is the most phenomenal experience between a disciple and a guru, just receiving the intention of his rather than what is spoken.


I pray and wish that all the readers   of this particular chapter drop their left brain towards their Guru and receive the “Beingness” rather than “doingness.”


I found myself laughing so many times on something which was not really so funny for other people, but I would laugh because I would just get the context of what he would say.


“I am blessed to have your spirit in me Guruji.. and I am doing my best  to transmit that to everyone around me…”


Thank you Guruji for giving me the spirit of anything and everything…. the spirit of expansion, the spirit of thinking big and the spirit of living with a world vision. ~


Thank you…. Thank you once again..