Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


Adequate rest is a must.


In between long hours of preparation, memorizing facts, practising solutions for mathematical problems and writing exams, take adequate rest.


It is as important to focus as it to de-focus. Along with intense and continuous focus on studies, you must switch off, unwind and refresh the mind. De-focus, for it enables better focus.


Take a break from your studies; listen to music, read a book, practise deep breathing, relax your muscles or practise shavasana. Go out for a walk, play a game that you enjoy or spend some time with the family. Those who have pets could spend time with them. Outdoor activities for relaxation are strongly recommended in the run-up to exams.


Our scriptures have taught us that our body is composed of the Panchamahabhootas – the five elements of Prithvi (earth). Jal (Water), Vayu (air), Akash (sky) and Agni (fire). No wonder then, that contact with even a few of these elements can be extremely rejuvenating. Ashower on a tiring day, crisp sunshine on a cold day or a walk in the cool breeze-these bring us in touch with the core of our being and energize our mind and body. 


In my younger days, I had a habit of spending time swimming in a lake in my village. I cherished the open skies, the cool water and the lively breeze-oneness with nature can be most refreshing.


Activity: Make your ‘Take a Brea’ poster.

Ways To Take A Break