Time, Time & Ample of Time

By Manoj J Lekhi


Time, Time & Ample of Time

When there are no laptops to surf at?

There is time time & time


When there are no iPads to see?

When there are no mobiles to look at

Time suddenly expands!

When there is no tv to watch

When there is no newspaper to read

Time becomes more Timeless


When there is no one to correspond to

When there is no more “to do lists to see”

Time suddenly amplifies

That is the time when we:


Start to notice the insects

Start to feel the breeze

Start to see the unseen

Start to hear the unheard

Start to smell the unsmelt

Start to touch the untouched


Our avenues start to increase

Our age start to decrease

Our life starts to grow upwards

Our mind starts to grow younger

This is my Experiance in the “Padyatra”


7 october 2015