There Is Plenty for Everyone, Including Me done

As we saw earlier, one of the mantras that we teach in our training is ‘There is plenty for everyone, including me.’


How true this is! But how many of us in this world live according to this paradigm?


Jesus says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” There is a unique way of interpreting this statement. Whatever you want for yourself, create it for others. Effectively, you will receive for yourself, too.


The idea is to give to others what you want for yourself and, then, watch the miracle happen!


Take the example of LOVE. Most people in this world complain that no one loves them, that people don’t like them etc. It’s not that no one loves them. It’s just that they do not love enough. If they gave love, they would receive love a hundredfold. The same goes for all the aspects in life. If you love reading books, you need not go and purchase books. Start a library; give it to everyone around you. You will have access to all the books you ever wished to read.


If you love clothes, start a garment shop; supply to everyone, and you will have access to all the beautiful clothes that you want for yourself. The same goes for money. If you want money, create it for everyone. Make sure that all the people around you become richer and richer. You will have access to their riches. This is living in abundance! This is living in plentifulness!.


When we live in scarcity, then we become very poor. The scarcity is not a scarcity outside, the scarcity is in our thinking, inside. The fear that there isn’t enough is itself enough to drive a person to depression. The knowledge that there is plenty for everyone, including myself, is such a beautiful feeling, a feeling of tremendous high.




You see, everything in life is full of abundance. The ocean is endless, the sky is endless and the forest is endless. The sun, the moon, the rivers, the mountains, everything is just oozing of abundance. We are also creatures of this abundant Nature. Then, why fear?


Today’s education is mostly about conditioning the student on how to compete with and outsmart others in any occupation, which is a curse to the world. In fact, education should impart the know-how to live in abundance: how to share everything you have, how to include everyone in your being. Give the child, right from birth, this quality of sharing. We can start with little gestures such as inviting anyone and everyone to your house to make your house a place where everyone is welcome, a home where food is served to each and every person who visits. Start this today itself, as you are reading this article.


You will find plentifulness coming to you. If you are four people living in the house, make food for ten and you will see that the other six will land up in your house, partaking of it. This happens easily when you have taken the responsibility of executing many projects and interacting with many people, as, then, many people would be visiting your house.


If you are ten in the family, make food for twenty-five people; slowly, you will find the remaining fifteen people coming and eating in your house. You start by giving, and you will get everything.


I was born into a Punjabi family where, since birth, I have been seeing ‘food for everyone’ in Langar, in Gurudwaras etc. It is such a beautiful sight to see food being offered for everyone. Start with your house, expand it, and, then, come and live with us in one of our peace villages to experience abundance in its true and complete sense.


‘There is plenty for everyone, including me’ holds true and works well when you open your heart and start living in the ‘giving consciousness.’