Our single-minded focus is on the development of Gujarat.

The Gujarat Government has introduced several schemes.

Towards this end. We have conceptualized a model where every village will have its own structure of management and its own small set of ministers.

We will recruit five Gram-Mitras who will basically act as the assistants to the Sarpanch and Talati of the village.

They will work in different areas such as farming, healthcare, social welfare and will enable the completion of the various government schemes.

More than seventy thousand jobs will be created under this model, which will enable each village to solve its problems quickly.

The Tirth Gram Yojna, that we have introduced provides for a reward of rupees one lakh for a village that has not witnessed disputes or court cases in the last five years and declares such a village as a Tirth Gram (place of pilgrimage).

However, some suggestions were to provide incentives before five years, as it is a very long period.

Hence, we came up with the Pavan Gram (pure village) scheme.

A village that sees three peaceful years will be declared a Pavan Gam and be rewarded with ` 50,000 for its development.

After spending two more peaceful years, it will go on to become a Tirth Gram.

Also, in this age of information technology, when Gandhinagar is using modern technology to the fullest, we have decided to arrange for computers and IT connectivity for each village.

This will ensure that the Chief Minister of the state can engage in videoconferencing not only at the district and taluka levels, but also with each and every village of the state.