the dialogue on the mountain

The next morning Nina and I were up early. We went and asked Guruji a question ‘Guruji, we are planning to have a baby… what would you advise?’ He looked at us, smiled and said ‘Wait, wait for fi ve years and I will tell you when to have a baby…fi rst grow in your Vairagya.’ Once again he had repeated the same word and that’s the time I asked him … ‘Guruji, please explain what do you mean by the word


And then he explained beautifully – the meaning of Vairagya is ‘To be a master of all the senses. And not be a slave to the senses, nor to thoughts, feelings and outer attachments.’

Be free and then you have a child, you can then bring forth a wonderful soul to this world. Both of us took his words and forgot about it for five years…

Actually it took us another ten years to conceive and have Vedoci. I think that’s the best thing that happened in my life, because in those ten years both of us grew deeper and deeper inwards. Nina and I did the teachers training programme and we conducted many classes every month together and sometimes separately.

This was the best thing that happened in my life as by the time we had our baby we had grown a lot in vairagya. We could bring her forth, while we were serving the world .

What I want to convey is that every time in our life we followed Guruji 100%. Even in the area of having a baby. I am fortunate God gave me the wisdom to follow the path

shown by Guruji and today, when I look back, I know that we are reaping all the fruits of our unknowing surrender fullness towards Guruji.

The way he gave us this 5 year sadhana, He would always undertake some ‘out of the box’ sadhana himself. Just like keeping his eyes closed for 90 days, going out for  Padyatra, going suddenly into silence for many many days and months together.

He was just a person wanting to experience something new every moment. He was born explorer of this magical cosmic play in the universe! I saw him experiment with foods while handling his last ailment. He lived & died like a scientist.

Thank you Guruji for giving us this insight into an unlimited space were we can enjoy ourselves… enjoy ourselves with new experiments. I guess it is this love with experimentation that I learnt from him, that has led me to develop and share new training programs that are extensions of his teachings.


Thank you, Guruji!