Facilitator : Manoj J Lekhi Disciple of PujyaGuruiji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji Author, Educationist, Inspirational Speaker, Guide in Spiritual Principles & Human Values, Coach in Human Potential Development.

TOTAL SUCCESS PROGRAM Part A Manifesting Inner Abundance in the Outer world!

Part A – 5 Principals of OUTER SUCCESS (VBOTM) – Grow Effortlessly! Purpose : Creating a Global Economy Of Abundance! Each one of us holds inner dreams and ambitions and we aspire for them to turn into reality.

The manifestation of these often becomes the basis of how Successful we are in Life! This module delves into the aspects of Success in the Outer World based on principles which comprise Vision, Beliefs, Organizing, Time Management and Money- (VBOTM)

These are the 5 Key Principles which determine one’s level of Outer Success.

The program explores each principle in depth covering various parameters as under:


This is the first stepping stone to the pathway to Success !

The Science of creating a Vision for ALL areas of your life: Physical, Emotional, Professional, Personal & others The Mechanics of converting the Vision into Reality Identify 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 21 year goals of your life. Be the magician in this magical world to manifest your Visions!

2) CREATE EMPOWERING BELIEFS Break your limiting Beliefs and Fears to achieve your infinite potential ! Identify your Beliefs in areas of Self, Family, Profession, Personal pursuits, Health, Relationships etc. Understand your Self Talk, Self Image and Self Esteem Become Self Empowered!

3) ORGANIZE YOURSELF Be super-organized effortlessly ! Learn the principle of “Nothing in Mind” applying the unique Thought Management Process. Effectively use various specially designed tools for your implementation such as Thought pad, Organizer, Vision Book, Synopsis Book, Investment Monitor etc

4) TIME MANAGEMENT Live all areas of your life fully ! Prioritize the important aspects of your life. Balance your personal and professional life. Schedule your time simply and efficiently. Be a Master of your 24 Hours!

5) PARADIGM OF MONEY Make money your friend ! Bring a shift in the paradigm of Money. Change your outlook towards Money Attract Money rather than earn Money! By learning, understanding and applying the above in a systematic manner you will have discovered a simple and effective method to achieve Success in Your Outer World!

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