(Directing you towards your success!)

 The 5 principles of the Outer and Inner Success


“Nothing happens unless we have a VISION!



By Manoj J Lekhi.

 What is The Success Cue?

The Success Cue is a Management Program with a difference. It is about Vision, Beliefs, Organising & Planning, Time Management, and Money.


What makes The Success Cue Unique?

It is a blend of contemporary western thought and traditional Indian Wisdom.


The specialty of ‘The Success Cue’ program is the Application Part.

Here we learn how to apply the above on a day to day level

in our activities.


You are provided with various specially designed tools for your implementation such as Thought Pad, Organiser, Vision Book, Investment Monitor, Synopsis Book.


Who is qualified to enroll?

CEOs, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Managers, Businessmen, Home Makers, and students.


Brief of The Success Cue program

Part No. of


A 1 (Full Day)


5 (Evening workshops of 3 ½ hrs.)

5 Areas of Management


Empowering Beliefs

Organizing & Planning

Time Management

The Paradigm of Money

B 1 (Half Day) +

7 (Morning 3 hrs) +

3 (3 days residential)

Energy Management Training

(Science of Silence Yoga)

C 2(Full Day) One Day Workshops


Part A

OUTER SUCCESS (VB-OTM) – Grow Effortlessly!

The 5 Key Principles which determine one’s level of Outer Success are as under:



The Science of creating a Vision for ALL areas of your life:

Physical, Emotional, Professional, Personal & others

Be the magician in this ‘Magical World’ to manifest your Visions!



Break your limiting Beliefs and Fears to achieve your Infinite Potential!

Identify your Beliefs in areas of Self, Family, Profession, Personal pursuits, Health, Relationships etc.

Become Self Empowered!



Learn the principle of “Nothing in Mind” applying the unique Thought Management Process.

Effectively use various specially designed tools for your implementation such as Thought Pad, Organizer, Vision Book, etc.



Live all areas of your life fully!

Be a Master of your 24 Hours!



Make money your friend !

Attract Money rather than earn Money!


By learning, understanding and applying/implementing the above in a systematic manner, ‘The Success Cue’, you will have discovered a simple and effective method to achieve Total Success in Your Outer World!


Part B

INNER SUCCESS – Science of Silence Yoga (SSY)

Founder Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji.

EMT is

  • to be in a state of wonder
  • to be creative, sensitive, receptive
  • to be in a state of appreciation
  • to love, care and allow yourself to be loved and cared for.


Physical Management

Keeping your body strong and healthy through pranayama and pranic diet.

Mental Management

Quieting your mind through Samadhi Meditation

Social Management

Fulfilling the many roles you play in life as a boss colleague, spouse, child, employee, relative, friend, etc

Emotional Management

Exploring and understanding your feelings,emotions.

Expressing your self 100%.

Spiritual Management

Knowing and loving your Self.

Being happy for No Reason!


Part B (II) – Retreat

A three day get-away to a verdant retreat nestled in a pristine valley among lush green hills, to enhance your inner Silence.

Silence offers a space to Imbibe, Assimilate and Experience all the knowledge received at the program.

Deepen your connection with nature and tap your Inner potential to achieve boundless possibilities in all areas of your life!

Experience outer manifestation of your inner aspirations!


Part C – Health, Wealth & Relationships

Application of Part A & B through One-day Workshops.

Topics will be any 2 of the following:

1. Magic of Gratitude 2. Power of Intention 3. Money, Wealth & Abundance
4. Catch Your Pattern 5. Amplify your Sensitivity 6. Science of Leadership
7. Make or Break Your Habits 8. Art of Harmonious Relationships 9. The Ultimate Gift
10. Overcome Anger & Disturbances 11. You Are Your Beliefs 12. The Other is also True
13. Overcoming Fear & Disturbances 14. Health is Wealth 15. Master of The Game
16. Relationships! Relationships! Relationships! 17. Creating Heaven on Earth 18. Ten Eternal Commandments


Those who have attended these powerful, self-discovery workshops have experienced great break-throughs in their life. They then want to go deeper in their understanding, and want to do the next step which involves a continuous 3 year training.


Part D – 3 Year Life Enhancement Program

Any knowledge remains only information, until it is applied and practiced in one’s day to day life to experience true enrichment!

Hence, at The SUCCESS CUE program we have introduced

a unique powerful training and tools which equips you to inculcate, grow and live the knowledge!

This involves culturing and coaching for a period of 3 years on a continuous basis.

In this tenure, you will be cued (hand-held) and guided to APPLY ALL THE LEARNINGS of the program in every aspect of your personal, professional and social life.

A magical transformation of our life experience happens showing us the way to live a complete, fulfilled life!



I am really thrilled to have done Business Insights, (called Professional Insights earlier in Feb 2007).

My business has grown tremendously, more than 10 times since then. I applied all the things and techniques I learned at the program. From managing 100 people at that time, today I am managing 600 plus people effortlessly. From visiting the factory 6 days a week earlier, I visit it only twice a week in this present time. I give full credit to the program for this!

More than this I am experiencing inner peace, calmness, happiness, and wonderful relationships, with all the people around, in the factory as well as at home.

Thanks to all that I learned in Business Insights.

Nina Lekhi

(Founder – Baggit)


I have been associated with all RSVK Programs, since the last 20 years. When I happened to do the Business insights program about 7 years ago, it brought about a paradigm shift, in my consciousness, in the area of money. It also made me highly organized and I am now able to use my time, very effectively. I have grown from 1 restaurant to 8 restaurants (including one overseas) in these years. And at the same time I am having more time for myself and my inner growth

too. I am a much more happier, jovial, and calm person today!

This has all been possible as I am continuously applying all the principles I learned in Business Insights .

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Mahendra Karkera

(Owner – Mahesh Lunch Home)


The DNA of every great achievement lies in the vision behind it. I have understood this principle very very clearly through the BI program.

I have been spending my time and energy building up the quality and size of my visions.

Nirav Somaiya

(Founder CEO – Rigved)


Our Vision

Creating a global economy of abundance!


Our Mission

Creating people who…

Are very rich, within and without!

Share their wealth actively with Society!

Convert their Industries to Universities!


Our 1st Goal

Making the world recognize India as

the No.1 economic power by the year 2024.


For more details Contact our coordinators:

Julie Bhatia: +91 9029980847, Mehul: +91 8655422770,  Chirag: +91 98673 73722

Clair: +91 98197 00115 Sarita: +91 98929 30965, Mallika: +91 75064 57977