Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani


A person was invited to participate in a conference where the purpose was to meet people  with love and gratitude. 


He was received very lovingly. He was delighted that he had been received with so many honours. As he turned around, he found people singing joyfully. The Master of Ceremonies (MC) invited everyone very heartily. The MC was full of  love and had a great and loving smile. One important person after another praised the theme of the conference and started feeling at home. 


In a short while, everyone had become like a child to receive those around him. An aura of love  got built. 


The person started feeling so    much love that he thought of his wife and children. He felt that they too should have been present    there to experience what he was experiencing. 


Then he thought of all those whom he did not like and felt      a warmth towards them. His love extended to people who were not present, to thousands of  miles away.


Human warmth had enveloped the whole globe in an unforeseen way. All rhetoric of right knowledge,   right behaviour, right religion, right philosophy, right belief was put away for just a little while. 


Nobody knew what had happ-ened or cared to know. They were in the nectar of divine   love. 

The feeling of love is above all knowledge. We only have to  start igniting the fire of love. 


Do this in your home, in your own factory, in your own seat in the bus  or train. See the magic work. In a congregation, we catch the fire easily and have the liberty to   express it in deeper ways than we ever did before. This is the secret of Hriday Sammelans. 


Nothing needs to be done in particular in a Hriday Samm-elan. It is a place of love, inviting one and all into the fold of motherly  love.   


We need thousands of such Sam-melans everywhere. The theme is simply  love. 


Invite as many people you love      and don’t love. It is an occasion to break loose. Attending one will invigorate you for a lifetime. Many people will remember the stroke    of love they received on these occasions their whole life. 


I hope that such gatherings will be     a regular part of all centers and divisions once in three months. I hope that they will bring in people   of all religious beliefs in large numbers. Let them be the source of all harmony, joy, prosperity and health for all. Each Sammelan is a Vishwa  Sammelan. 


It is a point of every individual reaching out to the whole Vishwa  (universe). 


Our Gurudev Bhagwan Shree Vishweshwaraiah was lovingly called Vishwa. He was a person who reached  out to all of Vishwa; the whole universe.