By Pujya Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar 


In life we are mostly agitated inside and we see agitation outside too.

But when we meditate, we feel tremendous calmness and fullness inside us. Hence, we also see calmness and fullness in the outside world.


This silence which is experienced through meditation is the highest power in the universe. This silence is the source of all creativity. It is also the source of creating many miracles.


We have this dormant power within all of us. It is called ‘Atma-Shakti’ or soul power. This inner power cannot be tapped by simply taking a decision to tap it. It can only be tapped by entering into silence through meditation.


We claim all this because we have walked on this path for some time. We have gained a certain mastery over it. We don’t say that we are great or anything. We too are just sadhaks (practitioners) who are going along. We want you also to come along and take this up as your own experiment, your own realization. We are simply the transmitters of this message given by the great masters who came before us.


While offering this message to you, we ourselves get more and more grounded in this knowledge 


Meditation is not like a hobby course, which is to be learnt and forgotten. In that case, it is of no use. It needs to be given time.


This Sadhana is to be done on a regular basis, twice daily. We have to clean up both the clutter and hurrying, and become calm and settled. Every time the experience in meditation is new. Every time it is refreshing. The novelty is never lost in non-doing. Only in doing, we get bored and tired.



Tap your inner power by entering into silence through meditation.


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