By  Guruji Rishi Prabhakar 


The power behind any organization is not its wealth, nor is it intellectual knowledge. But, its real strength lies in the fact that many people want to be together  to  develop  a   vision.  

The total power of any organization, or corporation depends on how many people are there to  support  the  vision  of  the  Organization.  

It is the collective vision which binds people together, and brings wealth; it is this which brings about  fantastic  results. 

‘Collective Vision’, is what makes an organization very strong, because it is supported by everyone.  

Everybody has his or her own vision, not a collective vision. It is only the Gurus who bring people together to follow a  particular  vision. 

It is spiritual forces that run our country. The Gurus are instrumental in developing  true leaders, capable  of  implementing  a  collective  vision. 

India will certainly stand out as  the greatest leader, the greatest power and the greatest light to the  world, because we have hundreds and  thousands  of  true  leaders.  

So the Gurus and the leadership  of Mahatma Gandhi moved our country or else we could not have been released from the exploitative British forces, without a single  bullet  being  fired.  

India is the only country in the  world where people have Gurus. In America, a leader is someone who tramples on everybody else. Those we call ‘followers’, are the  leaders  of  America. 

True leadership is available only where there is a Guru-Shishya  relationship, to channelize the energy to a particular  vision, strengthening  humanity.