We have a great task ahead of us

The commitments we have to

our own lives and to the livesof everyone around us.


This  can  only  be  accomplished

Not  by  focusing  on  the  task,

but  by  focusing  on  ourselves

to  allow  ourselves  to  be

Truly happy and useable.


People can only use the useable material.

We  don’t  ask  them

To use us or our teaching.

We  shall  allow  ourselves  to  be

Used  by  truly  being  ourselves

And  enjoying  each  moment

As if it was the last.


We  pledge  to  give

Nothing but our best.

This includes ourselves,

our love, our possessions,

our world, our honour and our citizenship.


We do not do this to elevate ourselves above

others or to belittle ourselves.

We do this recognising that it

is the opportunity to discover

the best in us.

My only true personal gain is discovering the best in me.

To  discover my ability

To be with everyone and everything around  me.


This  is  my  test,

my  path  and  my  goal.


I represent life.

No one is higher or lower than me.

No one is  more valuable than another.


I will not make anyone my slave,

nor  will I submit  as  a  slave  to  anyone.


In true partnership

I shall  discover myself in you,

in everyone.


This is my pledge.

This is my pledge.