While Life is a celebration it comes with its Highs and Lows!

Our entire universe exists as a seeming collection of opposites. It can be readily seen, very visibly in the natural world: day/night, male/female, past/future, life/death.

As individuals we personally experience the effects of opposites on a daily basis. Often we get confused with the choices of Life: good or bad, right or wrong, should I do this or should I do that? If I please my mother, my wife gets upset and if I side my wife, my mother gets disappointed. But both are right in their own way.

We face innumerable such situations each day. Then which do we choose? Man is right and Woman is also right! Then which one to follow? When confusion prevails most of us get irritated and disturbed.

Every one is right from their perspective, then which decision to take? THINK ABOUT THIS…..

There are always 2 alternating aspects:

Black and White : If these words were not black and instead were white you would not see them. The white of this page allows the black letters to appear.

Sorrow and Joy: How would you know joy if not for the sadness interspersed? LET US EXPLORE….

Are “Opposites” really opposites? Or Are they 2 sides of the same thing?

The learnings at the SCOPE Camp will help you:

Comprehend both sides of the spectrum.

Recognize that everything has a complement.
Learn to go beyond paradoxes.

Understand how to make a choice when faced with 2 equal options.

So come join us to unravel the puzzle of polarities in Life!

To know more,  you may contact any of our below mentioned  coordinators

Julie Bhatia : 9029980847

Claire Corda : 9819700115

Chirag Shah: 9867373722

Rest in the knowledge that THE OTHER IS ALSO TRUE!

Solving the Puzzle of Opposites!

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