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We will all agree that this happens by daily, continuous, consistent efforts of people. It occurred to me that the same is with our own lives. If we are consistent in anything, we will prosper in life!

With this understanding, one of the recent Habits which we have developed and many people have inculcated is doing the LiYA 1 HOUR.

The LiYA 1 HOUR is divided into roughly 4 to 5 parts which reminds us of our Inward Abundance going towards Outward Abundance.


LiYA 1 HOUR consists of –

  1. Reading your Visions and updating the same which is part of inward and outward growth.


  1. Meditation which is being in a High Vibrational Energy, calm within, peaceful and happy.


  1. Planning which is again totally outward, the inner peace extending to outward excellence. When we are clear within the clarity is expressed outside in the way of efficient planning and optimum execution.


  1. Reading an Inspirational Book or hearing an Inspirational Talk which again uplifts us into our values. This inward growth which is charging our inner spirit or soul, will be naturally expressed in the outside world in whatever products or service we provide.

Many people have inculcated this habit and many have disregarded it. Which brings me to – wonder why is it that people don’t spend 1 hour consistently every day for themselves? An hour daily, which will finally give them inward peace, happiness and outward abundance too. Outward Abundance means vibrant health, immense wealth and happy relationships too.


I urge all of you, even those who have tasted this only for a few days to restart and complete one cycle of 66 days of the LiYA 1 HOUR.