If you maintain a smile in spite of the troubled times,  that is wonderful. Of course, if you lived your entire life without any difficulties whatsoever, that will also be a wonderful thing. Let me explain why I say this. People who hold on to negative thoughts or the energy of dark thoughts draw the same kind of negativity to them. People who always expect bad things in life will be frightened by the smallest noise. At the slightest intimation of bad luck, they tend to be over-whelmed by a huge sense of unhappiness. Even if they only catch a cold, they worry that it will lead to some life-threatening disease. So if a person is able to live without any problems, it means that there are no elements in their character that attract unhappiness. Such a person can only be described as enjoying the love of God. So let go of negative people, and boost your self esteem surrounding yourself with people who bring out the best in you. 

It is relative easy to smile when you are young, but as you reach the age of thirty, forty, fifty, or sixty, it can be more difficult to hold on to that smile. This is, in fact, an aspect of spiritual discipline on earth. People who are able to keep smiling throughout their life on earth, will maintain that state when they return to the other world. 


I have stated the importance of living a cheerful life. I would now like to emphasise that the smile is the proof of the efforts you have made. Let these words be engraved in your heart: smile is the proof of your efforts. What this means is that someone who is always smiling is able to do so because they make the necessary effort. The effort to smile does not mean that you are trying to falsify your feelings. Think of it instead as a type of offering. To smile is indeed an offering the people around you. The world would be a better place of more people smiled at each other. 


Let us examine how this is achieved. To start with, when you experience hard times, do not give in to complaint. If you are unable to think or say positive words, remain silent. This is better than cynical or despairing speech. Say something unpleasant takes place as you Leave the house in the morning. If that is all you talk about all day long, it will not only make you miserable bit also those around you. This is the best moment to look for a happy or lucky event to talk about. Look for something wonderful that happens during the day and talk of this. By doing so, you will feel better and the people around you will respond positively. 

When you speak dismal and disheartening words, they become engraved in your heart. Once words have been voiced, they travel around the world in the form of thought energy. When they have been spoken out loud, the words claw into your heart and into the hearts of others. So do not speak pessimistically. 


Summing up, I would say that if you want to live your life without regrets, look for success in a field that suits inclination. This is the reason for stating the fourth condition for true prosperity. This is a the reason people should find jobs that will actively lead to the evolution of their souls. If you currently don’t have a job that will improve your soul, you will need to change your career direction later on. I would recommend that you first build a foundation of economic success and then take a next step in life.