There was a wicked Maharaja who could not bear to think that anyone was superior. So he summoned all the pandits of the realm, as was the practice on momentous occasions, and put to them this question: “Which of us is greater, I or God?”. 


The pandits began to shake with fear. Being wise by profession, they asked for time; for out of habit they clung to their positions and their lives , but they were worthy men and didn’t want to displease God . As they were lamenting their misfortune, the oldest pandit reassured them: “Leave it to me , Tomorrow I shall speak to the Prince .  


‘’The next day, the whole court was gathered in a solemn durbar when the old man quietly arrived , his hands humbly joined together  , his forehead smeared with white ashes . He bowed low and pronounced these words : 0 Lord , undoubtedly thou art  the greater “. The Prince twirled his long moustache thrice , and tossed his head high .  


“Thou art greater  king  for thou can’t banish us from thy kingdom , whilst  God cannot ; for verily , all is his kingdom and there is nowhere to go outside him . “ ( MEANING: Pandit says : king is greater , as he can banish him from the kingdom , but God cant as the entire world is his  kingdom  ). 


The above story shows us that we are so lost with our identification , this “somebodyness” ,that we forget that we are in fact  a ‘Nobody’. 


All our life we talk about God , hear about God , want to see God but never really experience Godliness. 


We are lucky that the greatest opportunity is regularly provided to all SSY meditators to  really experience Godliness, and to see God in each Other in OUR PROGRAMS . 


So call up your local centre and enroll yourselves and be in touch with the courses. So in turn you will be in touch with your own life ! 


Beautiful things are created when you attend the advanced courses, and you enhance your potentiality to the fullest in which ever field you want to . Let us all join hands together to create our beautiful world of love, peace and harmony. 


The above story is taken from the book, “Sri Aurobindo of the Adventure of Consciousness” by Satprem .  



Moral : See Godliness in Everyone.