An article from the book ‘Are you a Super Leader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi.


Why is it so that knowledge is given so much of importance all over the world? Why is it that Goddess Saraswati is given so much of respect?



Increase in knowledge may not necessarily mean increase in awareness but increase in awareness could surely lead to increase in knowledge. Awareness can be divided into two types: Inside and Outside.



Outside Awareness


An expert mountaineer is aware of each and every minute change of climate from heat to rains to snow. Likewise an expert musician is aware of every note he uses in singing and making of a song. An expert artist is aware of the different shades of color that can describe his idea best through his painting, similarly a successful businessman knows all ins and outs of his business and that is one of the major reasons he is a great manager.



An expert cricketer is aware of the field placements and his players, this allows him to play shots in between the gaps A practiced dancer is extremely aware of minute steps and hand movements which make a beautiful performance in front of the audience. The same goes for a skilful actor and director, the actor is aware of each and every angle and pose he needs to shoot in front of the camera while the director is fully aware of his cinematography.



This way we have thousands of fields where people will give great importance to details and end up being highly successful in terms of money, fame or expertise. Some may end up being famous like Amitabh Bacchan or Sachin Tendulkar.  Whenever we do and whatever we do, in depth, it makes us happy, confident and creates an eagerness to achieve more and more. We enjoy the minor joys of detailing. Be it any field that we are a part of, mastering whatever we do is one

of the key aspects that makes us an expert or experienced person in our field.



There is a different blissfulness that we receive when we master our respective field. Any person who goes into learning every minute detail, enjoys his life to the fullest. Success will gradually follow but even if it doesn’t, they enjoy and are passionate about their professional lives because joy lies in the details. This is the arena of outer awareness.



Inside Awareness


However the above set of people who are into deep detailing may enjoy their professional place but could end up disturbed, unhappy and dissatisfi ed, if their planned goals aren’t achieved.

Let us understand inner awareness. A person who is aware of his inner self, is always satisfi ed and always successful. For him, what matters is knowing everything inside – rather than just the outer world. He becomes more aware of his body movements, more aware about his breath, even more aware of his thoughts, even more subtly aware of his feelings and emotions and belief systems and most aware of his intentions before he takes any action. This person enjoys the detailing of his inner self. He does not need any goal, nor does he target any destination, detailing itself is the destination.



His or her joy is in the process of discovering the inner self, intentions, belief systems, feelings, thoughts, words, which design his actions for any responses. His behaviour is an outcome of his words which is an outcome of his thoughts, feelings, belief systems, intentions, tracing his inner details. The person who is aware of inner self is aware of every single thing he does, for instance drinking water and feeling fully satiated.



The one who can comprehend the inner self can automatically solve the outer worldly puzzles. The one who rises in inner consciousness rises in the level of outer consciousness too. He is a master of his own universe. But the reverse is generally not true. A person who is very alert in his inward journey may or may not pay attention towards his outward journey but his inner vibrations transmit to his outer world. Both ways are wonderful, when we go from inside to outside, it becomes much easier, because it is not dependent on outside factors, while in having outside awareness we are dependent on various other factors. We do not need an outward goal or outward validation, target, destination. Our joy is in the inner self-understanding.

Taking the inward to outward journey is simpler, easier, joyful and guarantees success. Outward journey is long, tedious; it needs hard-work and cannot be guaranteed to be joyful. Go for success inwards and express it outwards. It is

fulfilling to know each and every pulse of things we are into.



The joy lies in the details. From simple tasks like cooking to holding a big time business, when we are aware of every minute aspect of the task our joy multiplies. Know this. Practice this. Experience this. The joy is in the details. The Super Leader pursues this joy first in the inner world and lets it percolate into his/her outer world.