We are also committed to developing infrastructure facilities including 24-hour electricity and water supply.

Additionally, people should have proper transportation to commute from home to work, even if it is by bicycle.

Infrastructure is developing at a rapid pace all over the world and we want to be a part of this development.

God has given innate talent to everyone. A poor person may not get an opportunity to study in the best college, but he has the capacity to learn.

He only needs the opportunity. We have taken the initiative of providing opportunities and fulfilling their dreams.

This scheme, aptly called “Ummeed,” will aim to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of every young boy and girl by providing them with skills and competencies.

Under “Ummeed” our plan is to train one lakh youngsters in different areas, providing them certificates after the completion of their training.

Such training will enable them to get jobs in the numerous malls, sales counters, airports and other businesses that are cropping up as a result of the rapid development of the state.

These training programmes which are typically two-three months in duration will solve their problem of lack of skills and competencies and give them the scope to obtain employment.

“Ummeed,” aims to provide employment to one lakh poor boys and girls within one year.

You can imagine the huge difference this would make to the economy of the state.