In addition to completing one lakh houses in one year, my other dream is to complete three lakh houses by 2010, the year of ‘Swarnim Gujarat’. People often ask me how I plan to raise funds for this mammoth task. My answer is that the funds will come from the people of Gujarat – every paisa of the tax-payer’s money will be used for the welfare of the state, especially the Poor people. I am here to guard the coffers of the state; I will not let this money be misused. It will only be spent on the welfare of the people. The probability of making the housing dream come true is made high because of this money.

Another mission that we have is to provide dignity to the poorest of the poor. Even after so many years of freedom we have not been able to provide the crucial necessity of toilets. I am determined that in the next five years, the poor will have their own houses with attached toilets. We are committed to protect the dignity and the health of the poor by providing them with toilets. My mantra is, “Toilets first, temples later.” If a poor person has a toilet in his house, it will be as clean as a temple. I am also committed to building public toilets. Some may find this insistence on building toilets as strange, but I feel that the importance of clean, hygienic places for relieving oneself is underestimated. Our government has undertaken to build more than 5000 modern pay-and-use public toilets across 161 municipalities and seven municipal corporations.

This scheme is for the benefit of the common man. The President of the Himmatnagar Municipality belongs to the Valmiki community. This is the first municipality in India which is ISO: 9000 certified. This is a living example of how even a person from the lowest strata of society can make a mark.