By Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar

In this beautiful world there are  very few people who face food shortage. We have plenty of food  for which we take the responsibility of channelizing it in the right direction through Annaprasad Kshetras. 

It is not only to satiate the needy, but it is the most wonderful way to enhance togetherness amongst people. We want to develop a community  spirit. 

This happens when people meet, sing bhajans, have satsangh, be together and eat together. People, along with their family, friends, relatives meet here and eat together at least once a week. Only   then does a community spirit develop allowing different tasks to be taken up. Miraculous things can be done as a result of this collective strength. For this everyone must meet once a week, sit together, eat together, and decide what  they  want  to  do  together. 

Normally we visit temples for a two minute darshan, or Aarti. There is no sense of collective coherence developed by this. This is why our country has become weak. If you really wish that the country should regain its strength start by coming together once a week and have Annaprasad  together.   

By organising such Annaprasad Kshetras (Langars) Punjab has solved its problem of beggars. It has begun to see prosperity all around. We can also do the same in  the  rest  of  the  country. 

In our Annaprasad Kshetras we  take care of orphans. The  old and the destitute are taken care of. Beggars from streets are taught  how  to  become  self-reliant. 

We would like to develop more  and more Annaprasad Kshetras. It   is not that people don’t eat. They   do so in order to live. But the food is not offered with love. I  would like that the food eaten be accepted as Prasad. It anyway   costs  the  same. 

Every person must be taken care of. It is only when people are taken care of, will they listen to you, and a new culture will automatically spread. The SSY culture will no longer be restricted to the upper class and the middle class. It will percolate down to the lowliest of persons in society. I would like to see this happen. I am a Guru for the masses and would like to take care  of  the  lowliest  of the masses. 

This is what I learnt from my Guru. This is how I live my life, and this is how you should live your life too. You begin by Annaprasad and carry on the sharing of love, care and concern. 

You will not need to ask for anything more. It will all come to you automatically. People will flock to you, help you, love you and will happily share your work, because of  your  love  for  them. 

A major transformation of the  world will begin to happen. If you begin to give 100% of yourself, you will receive a thousand times more in return. God will be with you.  So  don’t  hold  back.