The Muslim mystic, Farid , was prevailed upon by his neighbours to go to the court in Delhi and obtain a favour from Akbar for the village. Farid walked into the court and found Akbar at his prayer. 

When the Emperor finally emerged, Farid asked “ what sort of prayer did you make?” 

“I prayed that the All-Merciful would bestow success and wealth and long life on me,” was the reply. 

Farid promptly turned his back on the Emperor. What I find here is a beggar no different from the rest!” 

We are always continuously asking for things, and waiting for desires to be fulfilled. When we can learn the way of gratitude, and gratefulness for whatever we have, life become too simple and that is what meditation is, being in thankfulness every moment, saying ‘Yes’ to life however it is ! 


Moral : Be full of gratitude and thankfulness in life ,and simplify your life !