Excerpts from the book ‘Money Wealth Abundance’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).


A lot of businessmen I meet, or come across, are always in fear that they don’t have enough customers for their services or products.


I always talk to them and give them this affirmation, ‘There are plenty of customers for my products and services.’ Some of them find it hard to believe that this is possible when there is a constant fear of not getting new customers or losing the ones that one already has. This lack of confidence comes from a deficient faith and insecurity within. The thought process in such a case is thus:


  • Will that person like my product/service? 


  • Will that person buy my product/service? 


  • Will I get more customers? 


  • Will they appreciate my product? 


The gnawing apprehension forms a train of thought that the potential client may go to the other product/service provider, that the other person’s product/service may be better, that the other person may be giving it at a better price etc. All these limiting beliefs hamper and limit you, and, before you know it, you actually experience what you had most feared, what you had felt inside. If you can get out of these limiting beliefs and thoughts, you will find that there is plenty for yourself and for everyone around you.


When we say there is plenty for everyone, it includes ourselves; also, there are plenty of customers. Most people work on trying to get more and more customers, or trying to go from one shop to another; most people move from one vendor to the other, or from one company to the other, trying to get more. I always tell people that even if you get one vendor, one company or one organization, it is sufficient.


You give it totally, give your energy totally. It is sufficient even when you have just one customer. Give him your complete energy. Give him your 100% service or the best product. When you give totally and that customer benefits, he will automatically recommend you to a dozen others. This process may take a little time, but will have long-term positive effects on your finance, or income. To find gold, don’t go about digging innumerable holes. In fact, dig just one hole, and go deep within that hole. You will find gold sooner or later. Instead of going outwards, go inwards.


The more we meditate, the more we go into silence. Our love develops more, and the more our love develops, the more we begin to genuinely care about others. You truly start producing those types of products or giving that type of service which will be really useful to others. Every customer is looking for vendors who are genuine – people, who live to keep their word, fulfill their commitments and give proper service.




Everyone in this world does, and it’s up to you to fulfill that.


Live in abundance,


Live freely,


Live like a king!