Terah Kathryn Collons 

                                             Author of PROSPERITY IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT 

 Does this mean that because I’m grateful for the food on my table today, I’ll soon be giving thanks for everyone around the community, the region, and the world having plenty to eat? Could it be that since I’m grateful for the peace that exists in my neighborhood now, I will soon have the opportunity to be grateful for peace on Earth? 

I’ve decided that the answer is YES. The circle of gratitude gets bigger every day. One grateful thought and you’re in. And once you are, watch the circle grow. 

                                                             The Awesome Design of Life

                                                                       James  Eubanks

                                                                  Is a successful author,

Members  of the crowd usually do not practice gratitude on a daily basis. If something good happens, they are grateful. If a bad thing happens, they definitely are not. Often, those who think this way are miserable, worried, upset, tired strained, and resigned.

Gratitude is an emotional response of love that wells up within when one is confronted by the awesome design of life. It is religious experience lived daily.

Gratitude is not the same as relief. Gratitude is a way out of difficulty, pain, and isolation .In the face of adversity and distress, practicing gratitude requires us to give up our own ideas about what we think is happening to us.