For the first five years after you plant the seed, you see nothing. Absolutely nothing. And then, in the next ninety days, it shoots up to a towering eighty feet. And in the next ninety days – yes, merely ninety days it literally takes off. And becomes as tall as an eight storeyed building. 

Patience has its reward. Nothing of substance happens in a jiffy. 


We all go through our lives feeling that others people are talking advantage of us, of our talents, stealing our cookies. We seldom pause to think about how we depend on others, their support, and their cookies. Often, the cookies we think of as our own actually belong to someone else. 




Looking Through Our Own Glass Windows 


One morning the woman looked out of her kitchen window and saw the neighbour’s laundry drying on a line. The clothes looked dirty, really dirty. ‘I don’t think they know how to wash cloths. 


Then, one Sunday morning, the woman was in for a surprise. She looked out of our her window and saw really clean laundry. ‘Ah!’ she exclaimed. ‘They finally learnt how to do it right. Perhaps someone thought them how to wash cloths!’ 


‘Actually, dear,’ said her husband, ‘I got up early this morning and cleaned our windows.’ 

Our windows-our tinted glasses- significantly impact our view of the world. 


A man pulled into a petrol pump on highway. ‘What are the people like in the town ahead?’ he asked the attendant. He replied, ‘What were they like in the town you are coming from? ‘Awful!’ said the man. ‘Rude, cold and unfriendly.’ ‘Well’, said the attendant, ‘I am sorry but you’ll find that the people in the town ahead are the same’. 


We see things not the way they are, but the way we are!