Excerpts from the book ‘How Full is Your Bucket?’ by Tom Rath & Donald O. Clifton.


7 questions  

1) By what name do you like to be called? 

2) What are your hot buttons hobbies or interview you like to talk about a lot? 

3) What increase your positive emotion or fills your bucket the most? 

4) From whom do you most like to receive recognition or praise? 

5) What type of recognition or praise do you like best? Do you like public, privet, written, verbal, or other kinds of recognition? 

6) What form of recognition motivates you the most? Do you like gift certificates, a title for winning a completion, a meaningful note or e-mail, or something else? 

7) What is the grates recognition you have ever received? 


On our web site, you will be able to create, print, order, and e-mail drops. These drops are just one way to provide brief, personalized, written recognition.  Feel free to use this system, or make up your own whatever works best for you and each recipient. 




Imagine what your world will be like one year after you have engaged in daily buckets filling. 


We suspect the following changes will have occurred: 


 Your workplace will be a lot more productive and fun.  


You will have more friends. 


Your colleagues and  customers will be more satisfied and engaged. 


You will enjoy closer relationship with your family and friends. 


You will be healthier, happier, and well on your way to a longer life. 


There is plenty of scientific and anecdotal evidence to demonstrate the important of bucket filling in our lives. Take every opportunity to increase the positive emotion of those around you. It will make a big difference. It may even change the world.  


Don’t waste another moment. A buckets somewhere, is waiting for you to fill it.