Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


Do you know the best part about any exam? It is that it lasts only for two to three hours. But rarely does an exam end in your mind immediately.


It keeps playing on your mind and you start discussing with friends, ‘Was this answer right?’ ‘Did you answer this question or that?’, ‘What method did you use to solve that sum?’


It is not advisable to spend hours discussing the exam paper with family and friends. It is a colossal waste of time and energy. Often, the discussion can take a negative turn that can harm your self-confidence and ability to prepare well for the next exam. 


After class tests and preparatory exams, and during other assignments, it may be helpful to spend time analysing your answer sheets to hone your strengths as well as overcome your weaknesses.


However, mid-exam worry during your board or final exams harms your mind and weakens your preparation for the next paper. It is more prudent to prepare for the next paper than to worry about the one you just wrote.


There is no point in thinking about the answers in an already submitted answer sheet. Has begun its one-way journey. If you have answered well, you do not need to worry. In case you haven’t, even then, do not worry about it because there is nothing you can do to alter it now.


Activity: In the puzzle given below, search for things 

That you generally do ( or don’t ) after the exam


                A H W D R Y T K J L P O U V 

                S F O T H B H C J N J E K G I 

                B S R H C D I S C U S S F T K 

                X C R T H N U I U E M B A P T 

                Q G Y E F H K L N E R J I R A

                M A U S R N D I O C A R C E L   

                I P R W A S E Y X J S V P P Q 

               Z N E W O Y R P L A N L A R 

               N M L I R I A C I N F G W R E 

               N Q A E N T I A L I S D G E M

              Q W X K R E V I E W A S D F G  


         Do PLAN




    Don’t PLAN