by Rudolph Price


Each and every Soul throughout the Universe is a spiritual being-and since my I AM is your I AM, whatever i am saying about you  I’m saying about me. If I criticise you, I’m criticising myself. If I see you as poor and weak and unfulfilled, I’m seeing myself as poor and weak and unfulfilled. And what I see or say about myself is conditioning my consciousness accordingly. Because of the way the law works, if I believe that you’re suffering from any kind of lack, I’m calling for an experience of lack in my life. 



The Universe doesn’t compensate individuals based on the activity of work, but on the activity of consciousness. Accordingly, if you feel your life is empty and useless, that your work is insignificant, or that the things that are yours to do are really meaningless, then you’ll be pressing out of universal Substance an income directly related to that consciousness: insignificant, trivial, useless, and valueless. On the other hand, once you see yourself as you are in truth and embody that vision in your feeling nature, you’ll move above lack and limitation. You’re an heir to all that the Father has, and all you have to do to receive your inheritance is to die to your old ways of thinking. Rising in place will be the Truth of you-a strong, vibrant, useful, significant, valuable, worthwhile, meaningful, loving, and fulfilled individual.