Who is more important: Man or Woman?

What is more important: Chalk or Duster?

What is more important: Pain or Pleasure?

Which one is more important: Perfection or Imperfection?

What is more important: Nothing matters or Everything matters?


Often answer to all these is that both the things are equally important, but the question still remains, which is more important?



Let us understand the dynamic – pain or pleasure, what is more essential? Discipline or indiscipline, what is necessary?



God did not make the universe as a 50-50 universe. If everything would have been 50-50, everything would be flat, static, boring and extremely useless. But God has created a slight tilt in the balance. And just for the sake of giving the number, I call it as 51:49 principle.



If we understand these principles, it is very easy to make decisions in our life because life is full of choices. What to choose, when, where and why, is what we need to know. How do we make choices? Once we know where to focus, the choice becomes very easy. Let’s take a few examples.



Man or Woman?


If we understand the importance, it is obvious that women are more important and hold 51% ratio in comparison to men who hold 49% ratio. The reason behind is that without the woman, the man would not exist. Out of the two, a baby is borne by the woman. Of course the man contributes his share, but a baby is delivered and a new life is created by a woman and this is the universal truth.



Because of the importance that is being given to women, man has always felt insecure. In retaliation to this fear, he has overcome and suppressed women and we have created a male-dominated society. We have observed that when required, it is the woman’s shakti or kali roop which becomes dominant and this is more powerful than any male energy.



Pleasure or pain?

Naturally most of the people will select pleasure, but here pain holds 51% ratio while pleasure holds 49% ratio. Without pain we would never have experienced pleasure.



Pain, if it is a physical pain, is a signal to ourselves indicating that a part of our body needs attention and care from us. When it is an emotional pain one needs to resolve the emotions with awareness and care. So it is the pain which prompts us to appreciate pleasure. Without pain, joy of life cannot be experienced.



Chalk or Duster?

Definitely duster holds 51% and chalk holds 49% value. We can only write to a certain extent with the chalk piece until either the chalk piece is used completely or the board gets full. With the duster we can clean it and re-write and re-create it again and again.



Imperfection or Perfection?

Imperfection is more crucial than perfection, as being relaxed is more important than being stressed. Perfection gives us tremendous stress while ease with imperfection relaxes us.  That does not mean that we continue to be imperfect. 51%

importance is given to imperfection just to shift the balance so that we know what is more important. But if one is getting stressed with the pressure of achieving perfection, it is simply not worth it. Develop ease with imperfection, relax and then make your choice. Rise toward perfection by understanding the awareness of being in the state of imperfection.



So when we are making a choice, we are in the state – ‘Everything is Ok’ and then we choose to go for perfection. We move from being imperfect towards perfection.


Imperfection is more important than perfection.


Indiscipline is more important than discipline.


‘Nothing matters’ is more important than ‘Everything matters’.



Same with desire and let go. One can want something with all intensity (desire) but advisable to keep the same at 49%. At a higher ratio (51%) should be the capacity to let go of the result. That’s almost similar to the implication of Krishna’s quote in the Bhagvad Geeta: Karmanyevadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana.



Inward journey is more important. When one is immersed inward then he or she can express in the outer world.



Once we understand what to choose, we realize the value of inward; we realize that being joyful, being in love, being blissful, happy, calm is more important than outer success of money, luxury, fame or any other possessions or achievements. So while making a decision look at both inward and outward but looking inwards is more important.



A Super Leader follows the 51:49 principle in all areas of his life and is able to make decisions and choices very easily. By following the above he/she is always clear in his/her decision making.