Ageless Principles of Everlasting Joy!


As we are aware the Ten Commandments were revealed to Moses by God, to share with the world. These were principles of ethics and prayer to live a noble life.

Similarly, the Ten Eternal Commandments are an invaluable treasure, my Master, Guruji Rishi Prabhakar has gifted us, through his unparalleled teachings and his deep wisdom.

These are ageless principles of living life in pure joy and genuine happiness !



In the period of almost 25 years that I spent with Guruji, he guided, moulded and lifted me to live this precious knowledge.

The Ten Eternal Commandments are timeless principles to live life wholeheartedly! They help us unravel the inner secret of living fearlessly and in immense joy!

Following any one of the Commandments is also enough, to raise our Happiness quotient manifold.

Though, by practicing ALL Ten Eternal Commandments, we will experience a tremendous transformation in our life!



At the Camp, we will understand  how to implement  ALL Ten Eternal Commandments effortlessly on a daily basis!

We will learn simple methods to incorporate them seamlessly in our every day lives!

We will share the secret of integrating ALL the Ten Eternal Commandments in our life to reach newer and boundless levels of inspiration, creativity and success!

Join us to learn the most powerful tenets of living our lives in infinite joy!



Ageless Principles of Everlasting Joy!

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